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Quite Frankly with Stephen A. Smith

I was recently EMailed by an Assistant Associate Audience Producer for Quite Frankly with Stephen A. Smith. Apparently, our own Dusty Baker will be on the show on Monday, July 24th at 11:15am, and they want some loud, raucus Cub fans to be there to boo or cheer Dusty as they see fit.

No, actually, they just want us to boo him. The AAAP said, and I quote, "You guys can definitely feel free to BOO Dusty if you so please."

Look. I am incredibly unhappy with Dusty Baker as Cubs manager. He's just not the right guy for the job. But this situation strongly reminds me of the Cubs Convention last January. If you may recall, here at GROTA we devised the perfect questions to ask Dusty and Jim. In fact, those questions were very mean-spirited and confrontational. But as time went on and we grew near to the Convention, we revised our questions to be actual, you know, questions rather than attacks, because some behaviors are just unecessary and counter-productive. Attacking Dusty Baker at the Cubs Convention would have been asenine, and booing him on Quite Frankly with Stephen A. Smith would just be absurd.

Booing him at the ballpark is a different case, but Dusty has been invited onto a show, and he has graciously decided to accept, and how do they choose to handle it? They want to hijack his appearance by getting fans to attack him. How childish. How juvenile.

Their studio is located in the heart of New York City, across the street from Madison Square Garden. The show's date is Monday, July 24th at 11:15am with a 9:30am check-in. For our New York readers who are interested in attending this fiasco, feel free. But also feel free to be above this childish attempt at embarrassing Dusty.

Seriously, if this is Stephen A. Smith's idea, I hope he has a very short career at ESPN. On the other hand, he'd fit right in with the Springer crowd.


I'd pity Stephen A. if his show hadn't been demoted to the dregs of the late-night schedule. He deserves every ounce of comtempt he gets, stooping to a low such as this.

Jason R.

I like that the part about booing was in bold in the e-mail they sent out. Very subtle. Why would Baker agree to come oon a show like this?

Abel Kennedy


This blog is incorrect....nobody from quite frankly sent an email encouraging the booing of dusty baker...if someone in the audience department did such a thing, they would be fired...

Nobody will be booing Dusty Baker during his appearance....Dusty has been very cooperative with the show and agreed to come on....Stephen A likes him and would not allow hecklers....neither will any of the producers....

Just wanted to put the rumor mill to bed.....the show may not rate well, but it has much more class than that....


I certainly don't want to get anybody in trouble, Abel, but I think you will find on more than one site (three that I can think of) the same information, sent by the same person, saying the same thing.

One source is unsubstantiated. I can give you three.

Abel Kennedy

The show has all of the proof in writing....they have the original email transcripts on file as evidence....

Someone not affiliated with the show changed the wording because they didn't like Quite Frankly and Stephen A. and wanted to give it bad publicity...

that's the story....watch the show - nobody will be booing baker

Jason R.

Well, I agree that nobody will boo baker.

Jason R.

Looking back, Abel, I could almost believe this if the second e-mail, the "correction", didn't come from the same person. Why would the person sending the doctored e-mail also send the correct one?


I think you might have been better off going with the "it was just a bad joke" angle. The "EMail hoax" angle just doesn't work because at this point, I know at least a dozen people who received it - AND the correction - from the same person.

At least you are blaming a mysterious third party, rather than calling me a liar. I appreciate that.

I wish your show the best of luck, and I hope you find a suitable replacement guest for Monday night. My brother loves Stephen A., so he has to have something going for him.

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