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Greatest Goat Riders photoshop hits

Judging by our traffic today, we've possibly picked up about 300-500 new readers. Hopefully you came for the photoshops but will stick around for the writing, on account of how my Goat Writing colleagues are very, very good at what they do. In the meantime, I'll be taking off for Europe on Sunday night for about a month. That means you'll be seeing very little of me, but I'm creating a backlog of photoshops for when I'm away. I also thought that this might be a convenient time to post pretty much every well-received photoshop I've created, so you, the new Goat Reader can easily catch up on what you've missed. Here goes:

This is Brokearm Mountain. While I'd been tinkering with photoshops for years, this is really the first one that people found to be outright hilarious. We're still getting probably 10-20 new visitors a day who found us by googling for this photoshop.

Ahh, the early days of the season. Who knew how fitting - almost prophetic - that this photoshop would become? Certainly no one could have expected Steve Bartman to spring from the crowd and break Derrek's arm in two places, but weird things happen all the time.

This one isn't great, and pales in comparrison to a later Albert Pujols photoshop...

This one still makes me giggle, if only because of the shocked expression I gave Mark. Then I start crying, because it hits a little too close to home.

The Bench Neifi Series

Early in the year, I was concerned that Neifi Perez would wind up taking a lot of at bats from better players like Todd Walker and uh... *cough* So, I created this series of photoshops:

I still get a kick out of this one, although it's not fantastic.

Who knew it would be fitting for every team Glendon would face in 2006?

You deserve a break today... from Cubs baseball.

Brokearm Mountain 2... the best part was, someone posted this on a message board and said about Goat Riders: "They really know how to twist the knife." Yes, yes we do.

Widely viewed as being stupid, I think it's amusing.

Our most juvenile photoshop ... so far.

I love this one, but it was panned by pretty much everyone. Oh well.

Maddux is God.

Yes folks, by this point you must realize that I've made a lot of Cubs photoshops.

Not a photoshop, just self promotion. Buy this shirt at our store!

Or this one!

Or this one!

Of course, there will be plenty more in the coming weeks, even after I'm gone. Keep visiting the site, and I hope you enjoy our greatest (and lamest) hits!


I really enjoyed the pictures. During some free time I had during by Building Substitute Teaching endeavors in Detroit, I shared some of the lass offensive pictures with some students. I had to give the kids a brief history of Cubs futility before showing the pictures as to have them appreciate the photos.
I really enjoyed the "That's our Neifi" comic. I showed my brother and he just cracked up for the whole day. Absolutely phenominal! Remember : Never question dead people!" - Dusty Baker


Seriously...it's time to make the injured Cub logo into a t-shirt. Even if Cafepress gets mad at you.

Foster Linn

Phoenix, AZ - Bolstered by the success of BrokeBack Mountain, the Arizona Sun Devils expect record crowds at its newly introduced pre-game rodeo featuring the “Bun Devils” bareback riders.

Competitors will saddle up and try to hang on for several seconds, and when thrown from the bucking beast, men dressed up as clowns will try to corral the wild, untamed stallion. Then, in the morning, they'll head from the hotel over to the arena to compete in the rodeo.

Despite the obvious attraction to our own Chicago Cub fans, General Manager Jim Hendry stated yesterday that, “We have no immediate plans to offer a similar type show at Wrigley Field”. “The fans are already more rowdy than any rodeo bull.”


I'm a moderator over at prosportsdaily.com, and I linked a couple of your articles in the Cubs forum. That could account for your boost in traffic. I really enjoyed them, keep up the good work.


Thank you, Bill. I really appreciate it when we get linked, because we have this obsessive desire to be read by as many people as humanly possible. So far, we're at about 1,000 out of 6 billion, so ... well, we have a lot of work to do. ...ahem, anyway, I appreciate the links!


Then you must be the guy that occasionaly links to our stuff at Cubsfun.com, Bill. Thanks from us, too!


kjk, you're right, it is me linking you guys all too. Your right is how I found goatriders. It's not uncommon to see the signatures on my forum covered in cubsfun images. Great work over there too!

I apologize for the shameless spam, but I hope you don't mind since we have a different type of site than you, but come on over and check out the Cubs forum if you'd like. The game threads are always very active, although the forum is a in a state of panic and shock right now as you'd imagine. But anyway, feel free to check out it, http://www.prosportsdaily.com/forums/forumdisplay.php?s=&daysprune=&f=15


It's not shameless spam. We're all about shameless plugs, however.

Hey, I'll get you linked on the site, sir. We like publicity, and I'm sure you do too.


Thanks a lot Kurt!

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