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Trade time

Man, it's after 2:00 and still no post on the Cubs' trade? The first piece of real news in weeks and we're dropping the ball here. But, never fear, analysis is here!

Did I really just say "never fear, analysis is here!"? That is about the tenth lamest thing I've ever heard. Strike that from your memories please, and I promise the rest of this post will be totally awesome.

...or at least readable.

So, as you may have heard, the Cubs have sent Jason DuBois to Cleveland for Jody Gerut. This seems to be a pretty even trade. One has power, the other on base skills. One can play defense, the other shares my first name. And with each, I will start off mispronouncing his name...unless someone has an idea how to pronounce Gerut? Does it rhyme with Beirut? Or carrot? Or maybe The Rut? I don't know, and that's what makes this game of baseball so darn exciting.

As far as hard hitting analysis goes, I think this is a fine trade for the Cubs. DuBois had little use for the Cubs in 2005 (and probably 2006 as well) and so there was no reason not to spin him for a more useful part. That more useful part turns out to be a lefty outfielder with a solid defensive reputation. Works for me...assuming he is used in the manner that I see fit (no problem there, I'm sure). He would make an excellent platoon partner with Murton (he has an OPS of around .850 against lefties) and occasional replacement for Hairston, thereby thrusting Holly to the bench where he is best suited. But, if he just rots on the bench behind Hollandsworth, then I really don't see the point of the trade.

So, all in all, I'm calling this trade a draw.

In other encouraging news, Scott Williamson should be on his way back to the majors after a brief stint at AAA. Who is Scott Williamson, you might ask? (if, for example, you didn't know who Scott Williamson was) Why, he is the Tommy John patient the Cubs signed in the off-season in the hopes that he would recover in time to help the big league club. And it is looking like he just might. I've always like Williamson. He has an absolutely devastating slider and, when healthy, throws hard. He doesn't seem to think that he will be throwing much over 94-95 this year, but if his slider is anything like it was pre-surgery, then the Cubs have their new setup man. He can't really be much worse than what they have right now, that much I'm sure of.

That's all the Cub news that's fit to print. Does anyone have a clue what the next trade will be? Apparently Kearns and Dunn are both off the table, so I don't have any idea who'd left.


ESPN.com lists the following pronunciation for Jody:

Pronounced: ger-ut

That's not really helpful at all, as it's basically saying "it's pronounced like it looks," which leaves me baffled.

Maybe it's "gerr UTT".


It seems we got a younger Hollandsworth (even down to the ROY awards.) My guess is if we stumble out of the wildcard Holly goes somewhere, maybe Burny too. This would address that possibility.
If not Holly can give D Lee an occasional break at first and Dusty just ignores Murton and Gerut until their early 30's. Platooning Murton & Gerut and having a valuable PH like Holly makes too much sense.


it's GAIR-utt... and what has Holly done lately to get pushed out of the starting lineup? Gerut can play center to keep Hollandsworth in the lineup a little more as long as he proves it's necessary.

Dusty Baylor

Yep...lets keep Holly in the lineup as much as possible.
We need an average-power, average speed, average defense type guy in the lineup...
The love affair with Holly continues...
He is hitting a bit, but, continuing on this pace, averages out to 9 HRs and 52 RBIs...gee, whay more could you want from a left fielder?

Jason R.

Holly has been okay recently, it is just that his value is maximized in a bench role. And at least Murton and Gerut have upside.

Saw an interview with Gerut. Very articulate guy.


I'm not sure that you can maximize a productive player's value by playing him less (although that's really what happened to Corey Patterson), which is what sending Hollandsworth to the bench would do.

However, it does maximize the allocation of the team's resources because Hollandsworth is such an effective utility/role player and pinch hitter, but that's only if there's somebody better to play in leftfield. Right now, there's not.

Maybe Gerut can be that guy, but we just got him. Maybe Murton can be that guy, but he has a total of two productive offensive ML games under his belt. But RIGHT NOW, Hollandsworth is that guy based off his 918 OPS in June and 894 OPS so far in July.

Until the Cubs acquire someone vastly superior, or a player on the current roster proves themselves vastly superior or Hollandsworth proves himself over his seven-week hot streak... he stays in the lineup. I don't care if that's giving Todd Walker, Jeromy Burnitz or Derrek Lee a day off or in a platoon with Murton, but he's one of our five best hitters right now, and he's earned his spot in the lineup.

Jason R.

Gerut has an .850 ops against righties and Murton deserves a chance to prove himself against lefties, at the minimum. There's no reason they won't be at least as good as hollandsworth. And, like I said, at least they have a chance to exceed expectations.

Gerut could also get some time at center, but probably not too much.

Hollandsworth is back up to his career numbers...he's pretty likely to plateau.

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