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The Cause of Dusty's Mental Illness

I was at the game yesterday and I saw this terrible sight. I managed to snap a quick picture and thought I'd share it with the readers of this site:

As you can see, Dusty's got problems. But so do we, because he's our manager, not just for this season, but probably for next. When Dusty came to Chicago before the start of the 2003 season, could anyone have foreseen him being so strongly disliked? Or am I biased?

I suppose it's conceivable that Dusty is only disliked by a small segment of the population. For all I know, most Cubs fans still think he's great. It's only because I frequent sites like Desipio that I think Cubs fans in general can't stand Dusty, Al Yellon excluded.

Doesn't it concern you that the Cubs hitters had to have a team meeting where they decided to have more patience at the plate? Wouldn't it have been nice if the management could've come to that conclusion?

You never hear about it in the press, but I wonder what Jim Hendry thinks regarding Dusty Baker. I almost suspect that it's a matter of ego at this point. You know, like when you have that burning feeling in your gut that tells you you've done something horribly asinine, but you're just too stubborn to admit it? Is that what Hendry is undergoing at this time?

I said last week that I was going to be patient, because no big trades had happened. Since then, a handful of moves have occurred, and the Cubs remain mostly uninvolved. If I were the GM - and thank God I'm not - I would be slapping the panic button like mad.

But then, I would also have fired Dusty Baker and replaced him with someone competent. Maybe Joe Girardi is available?


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