Goatriders of the Apocalypse

Sooo...about these four aces

Or three aces...whatever.

At what point are we going to start winning some games, because it's getting hard to write about this team. To be honest, it's getting hard just to watch this team. And it's really getting hard to try and push some line about this being the year when the Cubs are the greatest thrill ride since Millenium Force (but in a more "Haunted Carnival" sort of way).

I nominated tonight as "must win" night. There will be all sorts of "must win" related prizes and everyone will pain their faces/chests in a "must win" themed manner. And maybe, just maybe, this sort of "must win" mentality will translate to the Cubs getting actual, physical hits off a crappy, young pitcher. Well, probably not, but maybe.

So here's the trend I've found. And you can trust me with these numbers, because I know math. So, the Cubs lost three in a row. Then the Cubs won 4 in a row. Then the Cubs lost 5 in a row.

See the pattern?

Today is the start of a 6 game win streak. I'm just glad to be a part of it.

...not looking forward to the seven game losing streak, though.


Whoops. Looks like you forgot to tell them that...

Jason R.

I knew I forgot something.


The cubs have not won since they won their 40th game. I think the current losing streak can be blame on the goatriders for not updating their win meter.

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