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On Pace for II

I've been tracking these numbers a few times this year, so its time for an update.

It is no longer possible for the Carlos Zambran-O-Meter to hit 120... unless we go to the post season. With 11 wins in the post season, we would need 109 in the regular season. To get to 109 wins, the Cubs would need to go 66-9 (.880)

We only need to play .880 baseball and win the World Series to finish with 120 wins!

To win 100 (regular season games), the Cubs must play 57 - 18, or .760 ball.
To win 95, we need to go 52 - 23, or a .693 winning percentage.
To win 90, we need to go 47 - 28, or .627
To win 82, we need to go 39 - 36, or .520


Speaking of the Zambran-o-Meter, isn't the graphic to the right there a bit, er, behind? Smiling


Yeah. When it depresses me, I don't update it as much. When I feel good, I update it more often.

Unless the Cubs run off a 10-game winning streak, the Zambran-o-meter might never be updated again!

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