Goatriders of the Apocalypse

Evaluating the ol' Switcheroo

As everyone has probably heard by now, Kid Korey and J-Doob have been sent down for younger, cheaper models (I'm not sure what kind of models...runway maybe?)

Anyway, Corey Patterson and Jason DuBois now will have to ride the bus throughout the Midwest while Matt Murton and Adam Greenberg will be enjoying the luxury of a private charter. What are the ramifications of this move? Was it a good move? These are the questions I will try to quickly address.

First of all, was it a good move? Well, it certainly couldn't hurt the Cubs any, as it would require 3 or 4 new Laws of Physics before it would even be possible for the Cubs to suck more. But is it good for Corey's development? Okay, set aside the fact that he's had 5 years to develop and we'll pretend that there is still hope for the little guy. Will this demotion help him? I say yes. He clearly needs some serious help with his swing and a low pressure situation to try things out. Everytime he pops up at the major league level, he is going to get boo'd, and that's not going to help mend his broken heart. If you bench him, he will never figure things out, so the best solution is to spend some quality time on the farm. As for DuBois, he hadn't performed particularly well and Matt Murton had, so why not shake things up? Plus DuBois was a serious minus defensively and so playing time was going to be quite scarce. I support both demotions, although I was very suprised to see DuBois get demoted.

As for this actually helping the Cubs, I have my doubts. Adam Greenberg is exactly the sort of player Dusty hates. He will hit for a fairly low average but take a decent number of walks. Sound familiar? Yeah, sounds like Jerry Hairston to me, too. But maybe he has enough speed that he won't clog up the bases too badly. Regardless, I wouldn't bet on Greenberg getting too many at bats with the Cubs.

Matt Murton, on the other hand, was tearing up AA to the tune of a .340 BA and .400 OBP. Obviously very pretty numbers. Murton came over with Nomar in the, um, Nomar trade and may be the best part of that trade for the Cubs. He should get a couple of starts right off the bat and that will determine his future for the year. If he does well, he will earn a couple more starts. If he struggles even a little, here come Macias. My guess for the initial lineup is Murton, Holly, Burnitz from left to right and then after a week it will be Macias, Holly, Burnitz and then I will hang myself.

I hate to be too pessimistic about the chances of these young guys succeeding under Dusty, but I think at this point it is just being realistic. Over the next week there will be any number of horrendous lineups put out there by our fearless leader, and the cries for Dusty's ousting will be both numerous and justified.

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Cory Johnson

Murton went 2 for 2. Can't argue with that.


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