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Chicago Cubs, the Bell Tolls for Thee!

I knew the Cubs were going to lose last night after I saw that they squandered a bases loaded opportunity late in the game. How can you have a guy hit a leadoff triple and not sac him home?

Aramis Ramirez, this is somehow your fault, you non-hustling weenie!

(Well, he DID end the inning, so I guess that's true.)

The Cubs left 14 men stranded yesterday, making the amazing performance by Carlos Zambrano obsolete. The Big Moose only went 9 innings, while allowing a mere 3 hits, 0 walks, and he struck out 12. His one mistake? A homer in the second inning.

I love watching Carlos play the Cardinals because he's aware of the rivalry, and he goes slightly crazy against them. I half expected him to lob a Venezuelan grenade into the Cardinals dugout, but he decided to lob unhittable pitches, instead.

And still, the Cubs squandered it.

How hard is it to win a game? Your leadoff man gets on 80% of the time last night, the pitcher gets two hits, including another double, and still the Cubs found a way to lose.

Jim Hendry needs to make a trade, like yesterday. Austin Kearns, Adam Dunn, where are you?

Or, Hendry needs to come to terms with things. He needs to accept that this team just doesn't have it. He needs to recognize that Dusty Baker brings absolutely nothing to the table. He needs to fire Dustbag's ass, trade away the excess (Burnitz, Hollandsworth, Neifi, maybe even Dempster), and give our young outfielders a chance at the bigs, so we can be ready for 2006.

And he needs to issue fines to Aramis Ramirez for dogging it on the basepaths. Right?

Ahem, anyway, you know the season has gone awry when you spend more time thinking about your fantasy league team than you do thinking about the guys who actually play the game. Right now, I'm in a fun OOTP league and I'm making a charge for the playoffs. Unfortunately, my team is at the cap limit, so I'm trying to unload one of my more expensive pitchers. Will it happen? Eh, I doubt it. Much as I doubt that the Cubs will turn things around this year. It looks like my original prediction of 78-84 will be pretty close to the mark.

The next 9 or 10 days will be very telling. Not that we don't already know. But by August 1st, we'll have a better idea about whether this team is hopelessly playing for 2005, or for 2006.




Tommy, I think you need to create your own Cubs blog. There, you will be capable of expounding your own opinions. I'm sure that if you did, you would in time come across commenters who absolutely disagree with your views. You would then have the right to respond in either comments or posts.

Whether you'd be right or wrong, at that point, your commenters might be inclined to Troll Out on you, leaving snide little comments for you and everyone else to see. (Don't worry, it wouldn't be me. I doubt I'd read your site.) I'm curious to see how you'd respond to them at that point.

Me, I'm just going to ignore you. Thanks for the comments, though, it's always fun to have an interested reader!


Kurt. I'll add this and leave your site. I could never start my own Blog. I don't even know what Trol or Trol Out means. I have only been reading and responding to blogs for 3 or 4 months. My other experiences consisted of me offering an opinion and the blogger responding with either an opposing or complementary opinion supported by facts or supporting opinions. Often times the commentary would run 50+ comments with several contributors. Apparently that does not happen here, and it's turned into a pissing contest.

IMO your references to Ramirez in this post is just weak. You took our discussions from other posts and worked in two shots at my opinion. You should have left it alone or kept it on the other post. You can't provoke people and expect to be left alone.

Most importantly, you misrepresented what I said, I corrected you, and you failed to acknowledge your error. You continue your simple answer "You don't like Ramirez". I say he's the best 3rd baseman in the NL. You say I don't like Ramirez.
I say Brenly is calling him out for not hustling, you say I don't like Ramirez. I say Desipio says his leg injuries may be a figment of his imagination, you say I said it and I don't like Ramirez.
If I ever did have an opportunity to do something like this blog, I'd be sure to accurately requote people and correct anything I misrepresented.

Someday when you're not so sick of this discussion, reread this whole discourse and see if you're proud of your work here.

Meanwhile, I'll not darken your doorstep again.
Here's hoping you have better luck and more success in the future.

Lastly, I really like Aramis Ramirez and wish he'd hustle all the time.

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