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Aramis the Good

The internet is a fickle, fickle mistress. For the last half hour I've been working on an article about Aramis Ramirez. In that article, I lovingly pointed out that Ramirez has been overlooked this year as we all gaze in awe at Derrek Lee. I gave notice to Ramirez's numbers: something like a .358 batting average in June and July with 14 homeruns and 43 RBI.

I also indicated that Aramis was no one's first choice in July of 2003 when the Cubs were busy looking for a new third baseman. And he wasn't. We wanted Mike Lowell. But Hendry surprised us. He gave us a guy who hit 15 homeruns in 63 games in 2003, who broke the Cubs post season record for homeruns, who batted .318 the following season with 36 homeruns and 103 RBI, who's quietly on pace for 42 homeruns and 120 RBI this year.

I'm not saying it was the best article in the world, the one that the internet killed. In fact it was probably too wordy. But the point still needs to be made: Aramis Ramirez is the greatest third baseman the Cubs have had in my life time. Let's not forget that, even while Derrek Lee chases the Triple Crown.

Could anyone have imagined a Cubs team in which the corner infielders were on pace to hit more than 80 homeruns and drive in more than 270 RBI?


The guy has been a stud since he got here and D Lee has had a season unlike any we've seen here in quite some time. (But alert) But why doesn't someone sit Aramis down and tell him to run 90 feet when he hits the ball? He's getting a negative reputation for hustle (one which he had in Pittsburgh) simply for not running hard to first 4 times a day. That may be the simplest part of his job. Nobody should need to be told that, but apparently he does and his manager is not doing him any favors by allowing him to get away with it. I've heard the hamstring and sore leg stories, but I'm not asking him to bust it, I'm asking that he runs with some intent. He's on his way to being a great player. I hope he gets a great reputation as well.


The guy has had nagging groin and leg problems for more than a year.

It wasn't that long ago that we saw a star infielder of ours bust it down to first, only to have his groin tear in half. I don't want that to happen with Aramis, and I'm NOT going to give two figs about his reputation if he runs a little easier because of that concern.

Anyway, I have no doubt that Ramirez has been told to run gingerly.


"The guy has had nagging groin and leg problems for more than a year" Do you give a fig or two about that? If that was not addressed last off-season, when will it be?


I think Aramis is living proof that we bloggers who think we know it all should leave the wheeling and dealing to the professionals.

Then again, amateurs built the Ark (Noah's) Professionals built the Titanic.


So, 368, are you of the opinion that Aramis not only refuses to hustle down the line, but he's also too lazy to rehabilitate during the off-season?

I take it you don't really like him to begin with?


Kurt, I really like Ramirez and his talent. I don't like players that pose and I don't like
players who don't run the necessary 90 feet 4 times a game. Especially for $9mm and especially for my favorite team.
I don't know who to blame for the lingering groin problem. It seems likely it is between Aramis and the training staff. If it wasn't handled last off-season, will it be handled this off-season?
I've never heard of a career long groin injury. What is he 26? He's got ten or more years ahead of him. Somebody needs to address it.
BTW last night he busted it down to second in a futile attempt to break up a DP. I thinks it's the same distance, so I conclude it's a mindset.
Pissed about a poor swing or a bad AB.

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