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Wake Up! History is Being Made

It's kind of a shame that Andre Dawson won the MVP in 1987.

Those of us who were there know full well that he deserved it. The Cubs WERE a last place team, albeit one with 77 wins in a tough Eastern division. They actually were in the race until both Sandberg and Dunston went down the same weekend in St. Louis. And compared to the stats of the last several years, 49 homers doesn't SEEM like much.

Please, believe me, Dawson CARRIED that team, he put out a super-human effort day after day after day in that summer of '87, and all for $500k, remember. Today, nearly 20 years later, Dawson's MVP award is regarded as a true miscarriage of justice by all the baseball outsiders...but not to those of us who lived it day in day out with that Cub team.

So far, Derrek Lee has been BETTER than Dawson in '87!

And, in my eyes, far, far better than the 1998 Sosa. Sure, Sosa had his 20 homer June, and no Cub since Hack Wilson, and no Cub afterwards will ever approach the sheer power that he displayed that year, and in 2001, which in my mind was an even MORE impressive year than Sosa's MVP year.

But, Jeezus Lowheezus, Lee is hitting nearly .400, stealing bases, and driving in EVERYBODY that gets on in front of him. Plus, he performing his usual miracles down at first.

I honestly don't expect it to all continue. But at this pace, Derrek Lee would have the Single Greatest All-Around Year by a Cub. Ever. Try 45 homers, 220 hits, 140 RBI, 25 steals, 140 runs, AND hitting near 400?

And we're, what, nine games out of first?

What a waste....

marchand chronicles

The usual rule for MVP is that if no player from a contending team stands out as deserving, then the best all-around player gets it.

Dawson owned '87. The only other player who had a year anything close to his was Dale Murphy, who played for the . . . last-place Braves.


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