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Dreaming of a better Cubs team

I had one of those annoying dreams last night. Annoying because it turned out to only be a dream.

In my dream, I was at a Cubs game. Not at Wrigley Field, or any identifiable ballpark, but at a game regardless. And patrolling left field for the Cubs was Adam Dunn. The Cubs had pulled off a trade. They'd sent Corey and Dubois to Cincy.

Of course, I don't know who was playing CF in my dream. That part got conveniently forgotten.

The thing is, we know Hendry is scrambling for a trade. After the debacle of this past week, I'm sure he's going in overdrive now. But, while a trade might bring the Cubs a player who will keep them competitive, I get the feeling that a trade won't fix what ails the Cubs.

I'm talking about this guy over here.

Johnny B. Baker, or Dusty F. Baker, as we know him, is hurting his team. I mean sure, he's keeping the morale up. We want that from a skipper, or from somebody. But he's also batting a guy with a .305 OBP in the leadoff spot, and yesterday, he batted a guy with a .304 OBP in the #2 hole.

Ignoring that he has a guy with a .391 OBP as a leadoff hitter, and another guy with a .364 OBP who's spent time batting second.

That's what really gets me. While the Cubs could certainly benefit from a trade, they already have most of the tools that they need, if Dusty would just use them. But instead, we have a team with a terrible OBP losing lopsided games to teams that actually draw walks, and do it regularly. It needs to stop.

I guess part of the problem is, Hendry seems to believe OBP is overrated, too.

Regardless, the Cubs need to stop the bleeding. They need to do something, or we're back to early May all over again.

John P

Dunn + Hairston/Hollandsworth
Patterson + Dubois/Hollandsworth

Yeah I think that might be a small improvement!

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