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Trade Rumors Abound

Apparently Bruce Levine is on the radio in Chicago saying that a trade will 'go down' soon involving a Cubs outfielder, a Cubs reliever, and two prospects, in return for a power-hitting outfielder and a reliever.

I've read through about 10 pages of forum posts over at NorthSideBaseball on the subject and now I'm ready to spout.

Likely possibilities as I see it:

Cincinnati: This one seems the most likely because the Reds designated Danny Graves for assignment today... but it also smells like a Red Herring. The problem you see is that Danny Graves is certainly not a middle reliever. Furthermore, which power-hitting outfielder are the Reds going to send here that improves our team without creating a gaping hole? Adam Dunn? I am afraid of the value the Cubs would have to give up to get him. Austin Kearns (most likely IMHO)? What does he give you that Dubois will not? (He's hitting .250 with a .330 OBP). And which outfielder are you going to give up? Both the Reds and the Cubs seem stacked with outfielders... so while this seems to be the team, I can't figure out the matchups.

Tampa Bay: Using Levine's trade framework, I'm guessing the Cubs would be receiving Aubrey Huff and Lance Carter. Huff would give the Cubs a possible back-up option at third base and a fairly reliable bat in the outfield. Lance Carter was a pretty decent closer in 2003, but has been moved into middle relief since the emergence of Danys Baez... who is not a middle reliever and thus doesn't fit Levine's description.

The Cubs would give up Jason Dubois and a reliever. If the Cubs were to give up a young guy like Cliff Bartosh or Todd Wellemeyer, the prospects would be lower level (ceiling) guys. If the reliever was Mike Remlinger, we might be parting with a fellow like Brian Dopirak.

What do you think?


CNNSI is reporting LaTroy to the Mets, but no other players mentioned . . .


I'm also seeing Eric Byrnes (and presumably Dotel) from the A's. Probably LaTroy and Dubois.
Man, I do NOT like the sound of that. Byrnes has some up side, but nothing that Dubois doesn't have.
And Dotel is WAAAY overrated. Plus, with Dempster settling in and Dempster back, all of the sudden, the bullpen is not the weak spot. Last thing we need in there is another struggling closer.
Having read "Moneyball", I'm wary of any trade with Billy Beane, anyway.
Hope that's not the case, but I bet it is.


how reliable are the trade rumors? are we sure that a trade will happen? i hate to give up dubois, too.


I like the Tampa Bay trade more than any of the others. It would be nice not to have to play Macias at third when Dusty wants to give Ramirez a break. I ask why Lance Carter? Why not give up a little bit extra and bring in Danys Baez. Dubois, Remlinger, Dopirak, and say Guzman. For Huff and Baez.


Has anyone noticed that Huff has two homers this year. Don't the cubs have enough offensive players that are underacheiving?

Jason R.

None of that sounds good to me. It's LaTroy for LaTroy and DuBois for...mediocre outfielder. I would like to have more faith in Hendry than that.

Jason R.

So, Lance Carter? Is he the Backstreet Boy or the Bicycle guy?


I'd much rather see Corey go than Dubois. Although both players are going to K a lot, and Corey is much better in the field and six months younger than J Dub. Hmmm. Just seems you could get more for Corey. But if the reliever is Graves, what possible value in trade is that? Man. However, Austin Kearns is

Jason R.

If Corey goes, unless you get Cameron back there is no one to play center. Hairston can't play defense


I don't wanna see Corey go anywhere. Dubois is going to be good, but if we have to lose one i'd rather it be Dubois. Corey plays defense, and, even though he's struggling now, the man can be a 30/30 type of guy. Our outfield defense is bad enough with Burnitz on his scooter rolling around right, i'd hate to give up our only plus defender in the outfield

James Choate

None of those trades are gonna go down

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