Goatriders of the Apocalypse

They were good, once

Some years ago, there was a baseball team that sported some of the best young pitching in the league. They had a handful of dependable, young starters. Their ace was only 21 years old. He had unbelievable command and was a Cy Young candidate. This team also had a 23 year old who'd win 14 games and put up very respectable numbers, and a 22 year old who wasn't quite as good as the rest, but had the potential to improve drastically. And let's not forget about the veteran of the staff, a 28-year old who'd already seen quite a bit, and also knew how to win and win often.

I know the comparrison isn't quite right, but it's pretty close. This team, on the arms of their very young pitching staff charged through the post season and won a World Series. They were the 85 Royals. The pitchers were Brett Saberhagan, Mark Gubicza, Danny Jackson, and Charlie Leibrandt.

I have very little doubt that Royals fans everywhere believed that championship to be just the first taste. Instead, their franchise hasn't been back to the playoffs ever since. Their young pitching staff faultered in 1986, and barely finished over .500 in 87 and 88.

Charlie Leibrandt would be a Royal until the 1989 season. In 1990, he'd go to the Braves, and he finished his career in Texas. He was a solid pitcher but never an ace.

Mark Gubicza would win 20 games at age 25 in 1988, but after that would never win more than 15, and only once. He battled injuries for the rest of his career, with only one healthy season in 1995 before retiring at age 34.

Danny Jackson went to Cincinnati in 88, where he won 23 games. We Cubs fans know what happened to him after that.

Brett Saberhagan was a very good pitcher who only had a handful of good years. He also battled injury and personal problems, and won only 167 games in his career.

Who would've thought that a staff of such young and talented pitchers would go on to do so little? They only had one shot at a World Series. Only one chance, and then they vanished. And they remind me a lot of the 2003 Cubs. A good team, good pitching, a bright future... and nothing.

Is that what we have to look forward to? Will our amazing pitching staff be rendered moot? It's beginning to look that way. It's becoming hard to believe in this team. Hell, it's become impossible.


Cheer up, Death!

Jason R.

No to plug myself, but I posted another reason for optimism over at the ol' Grace and Wayne corner. I'm just trying to keep things upbeat.

It's the Apocalypse, people. This should be a happy occasion!

Miss Fantastick

I think the Cubs should trade Zambrano and Prior away to teams where they'd at least get a chot to win games. They're at the height of their careers, why waste that? Send Prior to the Dodgers and Z to the Marlins. Why not? They help, but there is no offense to back them up. It's a shame.

Jason R.

Maybe we can wrestle Hee Sop away from the Dodgers. He's going to be good one day. The only guy I would want from the Marlins would be Dontrelle Willis, but I doubt he is available.

Is Lenny Harris still around?


Yeah, the Cubs sucked when they had Lou Brock... so it was only fair to him to send him to St. Louis so he could win.

Come On! Lets get a grip on it around here.


You're right! You cannot slowly creep up on a championship like so much cheap underwear! No, you have to take your championship when you get your shot and that was 2003. Nothing good has happened since Bartman. This is the downward spiral just as you described the Royals. Get ready for Dusty firing, Hendry firing, Wood trading, and the dreaded "REBUILDING". Yes the Apocalypse is truly upon us!


Who said anything about trading away our pitching? All I did was draw a comparrison with another team that had a plethora of talented, young pitching who still somehow managed to go bust after one wildly successful season. And I asked, "is this what we have to look forward to?" That's all.

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