Goatriders of the Apocalypse

Them's the Facts of Life

What are the facts of life? Well, if you take the good, take the bad, take them both and there you have the facts of life.

What you should take from all that is the good and bad part. The rest is just 80's nostalgia.

The Good

Unfortunately, the good column has been a lot shorter than the bad column recently. But what sort of good things have been happening in the last week or so?

Corey Patterson - This past week has been kind to Corey as he has posted a K:BB ratio of 2:1 (Wow! he was almost average) which translated to an OBP of .333 (again, average is exciting). But what has made this week a success for our speedy centerfielder has been the combination of speed and power he has displayed, stealing a couple of bases and hit a couple of homers on his way to a .591 Slugging percentage. Yowza, nice week from Kid Korey.

Michael Barrett - has been getting hits to drop in almost 42% of the time, for a .417 BA. Unfortunately, they have all been singles, but how nice was his 2-out line drive up the middle against John Patterson in the first inning of the last game against the Nationals? And how long was that last sentence? The answer to both questions: very. Clutch hitting, thy name is Michael Barrett.

and I would add Jerry Hairston, jr. to this list for his effort in posting a .412 OBP (making him a pretty ideal leadoff hitter), but naturally he was benched for his poor play. Which brings us to...

The Neifi (a.k.a. The Bad)

The Neifi has officially lost any current and all future exclamation points that might follow his name. He has hit well under the Mendoza line for all of May, and this past week posted a lovely .426 OPS. But at least he has his defense to fall back on. I know we all love the Neifi, but he has outlived his usefulness and deserves to resume is role as bench fodder. Or, at the very least, move him down in the order. He has the most at bats of any Cub this last week, and has hit worse than any other Cub.

Todd Hollandsworth - Hasn't had a hit since May 6th.

Derrek Lee and Aramis Ramirez - Both have struggled this last week and have been unable to match their batting averages to their playing weight. Aramis has hit a bit better than Lee, but his back spasms have hurt the Cubs by forcing The Festering Pile of Incompetence into the lineup. Next to the Neifi. I think I just threw up a bit.

Jason DuBois - His overall performance has been fine, and he has the very strong advantage of not being Todd Hollandsworth, but I just wanted to point out the fact that he has 19 strikeouts on the year...and one walk. That is going to have to turn around at some point or he is going to turn Neifi on us. Well, maybe not Neifi bad, but some kind of bad.

So, what do you get when you sum up the good with the bad? A team that is currently looking up at the Pirates coming into this 2 game series. Seriously. The Cubs have managed to turn a stupid couple of games with Pittsburgh into a must win.

Well, go Cubs, I guess. I can feel the waves of enthusiasm just pulsating through my bones.


Well, after last night's game, I want to list some more players that are struggling.

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