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The Curse of the JoBo

I'm beginning to think that the Cubs' problem at the closer position has nothing to do with LaTroy, or Dempster, or even Chad Fox. No, it has become clear to me that the problem is Joe Borowski. JoBo established himself as the closer (complete with magic closer pixie dust) and was a northside hero. But then tragedy struck, and JoBo went down with a shoulder injury. We are still waiting for him to return.

Since then, the closer role has been a nasty blackhole. Saves have been hard to come by, but it is not just the blown saves. It is the ugliness of the blown saves. The methods of losing the saves defy the laws of probability. Balls going off peoples' heads, dropped pop-ups, and hits by Eric Valent - these things aren't supposed to happen.

So don't boo LaTroy and don't cry for Ryan Dempster. No amount of "closer mentality" is going to help these poor relievers. There's only one prescription for the closer postition: More JoBo.

We have about 10 days until the "Curse of the JoBo" comes to a close...we just have to survive until then. Thank god for Derrek Lee.

Mike D.

He throws strikes and refuses to soil himself in the middle of a baseball diamond. Sure he doesn't look menacing, he doesn't throw super-hard, and he sweats a lot.

But he gets results.

Maybe I'm crazy, but I think JoBo's return will go a long way toward curing what ails these fuckups.


Careful, Famine. You're becoming optimistic again!


The fact that Wuertz is probably going to close makes me even more almost optimistic. Then I realize that this means Wuertz is going to come down with West Nile or something, and I'm pessimistic again.

If anyone else catches me being almost optimistic, just smack me.

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