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Stealing the Hearts of America

...and the bases of 2nd. Unless there is something wrong with ESPN's stat department, it seems that Derrek the Destroyer (I made that up myself) has 8 stolen bases on the season against only one caught stealing. That, for those that haven't been paying attention, is good. It puts him on pace for 31 steals out of 35 attempts. How sweet would his season be if he could also join the 30-30 club? (answer:very)

On the flip-side, Jerry Hairston needs to stick to hitting doubles if he wants to get to second. He has managed to swipe 5 bases...while being caught 5 times. The break even point on steals is somewhere around a 66% success rate, so he really needs to keep himself firmly planted at first unless he is quite sure he can make it to second (and then only if he has a consent form signed by the first base coach). The Cubs make enough outs without giving them away.

Corey has only managed 4 steals, and I'm sure he would like more, but he is finding that it is awfully hard to steal second from the dugout. He's been heating up a bit these last couple of games (that in no way should be interpretted as a jinx) and hopefully that OBP with continue to drift slowly towards respectability (and with that the steal total).

Alright, I'll now return you to your regularly schedule rumors.


Raise the Zambran-o=meter. It took them long
enough to get to twenty wins.


It'll be raised later today.

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