Goatriders of the Apocalypse

No longer optimistic about May

First off, let me just say that I have no further plans to explain to people why they should be optimistic, regardless of the reasons. Clearly that was a bad move and I have been proven to be better at administering famine (see: bats, Cubs') than I am at soothsaying. So no more sad attempts at optimism or bright-side-looking from here on out. The Cubs are apparently hopeless and Death is at their doorstep (don't forget to wipe your feet, Death).

The reasons to abandon all hope are many, and they all rhyme with Fullpen and Musty. The bullpen has been very impressive during this painful week. Who knew there were so many ways to blow a lead. Many games this month the offense has battled back to take a lead or tie the game, and the bullpen politely declined the lead and returned it to the opposition. These are terrible times, my friends.

The solution is not an obvious one. There is no one clearly available to replace the ailing pen-men, by trade or otherwise. Wellemeyer has been pitching better of late and hopefully will get a few more innings to try and get some outs. LaTroy will hopefully drift farther and farther down the line, watching Michael Wuertz on the other side of the escalator heading up. But there is nothing obvious here to serve as a solution, and hope is quite scarce around here.

For all that gloom and doom, it pales in comparison to the ineptitude of Dusty. Hey, I've got an idea! Let's not play the old crappy player with the .211 batting average and no power. Let's try out the young, talented kid with potential to generate some runs. We all thought that this would happen last night after Hendry's comments in the Trib, but Dusty had other ideas. The definition of insanity is trying the same thing over and over again but expecting different results. Oh, that and getting your advice from dead people. Dusty is absolutely lost with regards to the bullpen and is making no attempt to shake things up with the lineup (and shifting the out-makers around doesn't count). Dusty has completely exposed himself as a fraud this year and I am sick of it. In case you were wondering, Hollandsworth is going to continue to get the starts in left. The Cubs had better rattle off a winning streak pretty soon, or the whole northside is going to be up in arms. Down with Dusty!


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