Goatriders of the Apocalypse

Cubs flail again

Here's a newsflash for you: the Astros aren't that good. In point of fact, they will almost certainly prove to be all out terrible as the season progresses. Roger Clemens had an ERA of 0.32, and all he could do with it is eek out a solitary win. Their offense is in shambles, their stars are all old, and their pitchers are falling apart. And they took two of three from the Cubs.

At this point, there's no real reason to lay blame. Sure, we could blame Wood, or Baker, or the bullpen, but the bottom line is that the team just isn't playing well. And after a month of this, I see no reason for that to change. I'm still unwilling to call this season a bust. It's only May 2nd, for cripe's sake, but the Cubs are rapidly reaching the point where they need to win, and win often. They need to step up and outperform the other guys. They need... well, they need a lot of things. A bullpen not made of rejects. A closer who has the gonads to close. A left fielder who can actually hit. A handful of starting pitchers who can stay healthy.

This team needs something, that's for sure. A 10-game win streak would do wonders.

Hey, if the D-Rays can do it...

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