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5 Reasons to be optimistic in May

Now this is content you will only find at GROTA...optimism (although I'm not entirely sure optimism is the official policy here at goatriders.org)

I can't operate as a Cubs' fan from a pessimistic point of view. It makes me not enjoy following the Cubs and if I don't enjoy the Cubs, why be a fan? Of course, one can argue that being a Cubs' fan is hardly a logical proposition as it is, but try to stay with me here. The Cubs are not a bad team, and there are plenty of reasons (five, anyway) to believe that things are going to get better in the near future. And so, in no particular order:

Five Reasons to be Optimistic about the Cubs

1. Ramirez has been not-so-good so far this year, but he is a very good player. Really, he is. The really problem seems to be a desire to win every game with every swing. And for that matter, every pitch. While he is actually walking a decent amount (13 walks so far), he is jumping at far too many first pitches (and I do mean jumping. It looks like he is flying out of his uni) and getting himself in bad hitter's counts. This has lead to a rather poor .240 average (actually, given the power and patience he has shown, it is not too bad a .240 average, as far as .240 averages go) and a hole in the heart of the Cubbie lineup. Where is the optimism here? This won't continue and I envision a hot May where he start to see Ramirez tear the cover off the ball. This is a certainty.

2. Wood finally properly diagnosed. It may seem strange to use a player heading to the DL as a source of optimism, but I'd much rather see Wood riding the pine than taking the mound every fifth day. He has been terrible this year and his oh-so-short appearances have been taxing on the Cub bullpen. Let's get anyone else a shot and this should cut down on the automatic losses.

3. Neifi! (*cough* *choke* I can't believe I just wrote that)

4. The vast majority of Cub players are *not* injured. That's right, most of the Cub regulars have not gone down with an injury, and those that are injured will be back fairly soon. Borowski is on the comeback path and Walker isn't far behind. That will leave Nomar and Wood as the only important Cubs not in the lineup (and who needs Nomar when we have Neifi!)

5. This is the year as decreed by the Goat Riders of the Apocalypse. Hence, the Cubs have to start winning eventually because you can't win it all if you don't make the playoffs. May is as good a time to start as any. Ergo, the Cubs are going to start winning in May. QED.

Mark Nabong

I loved reason #5. In physics, that's the anthropomorphic principle. In baseball, it just feels right.

George Davidson

I just dropped Mike Lowell and picked up Neifi! in my fantasy league.

Who would have thought that move would ever make sense?

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