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Rainy Day

I am having a pretty great day. Its raining which is depressing, but the weather has sparked an irresponsible streak in me today. I started my day by voluntarily sleeping through a class, and have been being extremely unproductive throughout the rest of the day.

Similarly, the Cubs could have slept through their alarms and sat around the dugout giving each other hot feet all day. Its raining in Chicago and the game has been postponed until tomorrow.

Although I believe everyday is made better by baseball, this might end up being a bonus for the boys in blue. Fortunately, it doesn't look like Mark Prior will be making his first start on a cold and rainy day. This should help to protect the elbow a bit.

I don't really think Prior should be up with the big-league club right now. I don't think he is ready because he hasn't had a decent outing this Spring. However, the Cubs backed themselves into a corner on this one. They have been so eager to show that Prior is healthy, that they rushed him back before he is really ready to be throwing at a big-league level.

Of course, you must ask yourself who ought to be starting in his place? That is where I don't have an answer for you. At this time, Prior probably gives you just as good a shot of winning as Sergio Mitre. So, provided the start doesn't set Prior back physically it doesn't matter whether he starts in Chicago, Peoria, or Albuquerque.

Editors note #1: I also forgot to set the DVR this morning. This fact should probably be disclosed.

Editors note #2: I spelled Albuquerque correctly the first time!

Editors note #3: The only way you'll find me wearing a 'Fire Dusty' t-shirt (for now) is if all my laundry is dirty.


I would also like to go on record that I am a full Macias/Neifi DP combo away from wearing any such T-Shirt. Not burning him in effigy...well that is a fish of a different color (is that a real expression, or did I just make that up).


If Prior only gives you as good of a shot of winning as Mitre, then why not start with Prior and let him get back to facing major league hitters? If the result is going to be the same, it seems to me that it's better that Prior gets back on track than letting a minor leaguer try out the majors again.


How about we work up some "Fire Neifi" T-Shirts. That would get to the root of the problem and there is no chance that Neifi is actually competent (Dusty, well, he's a grey area)


That could work. It looks like Dusty's stance on using Neifi more than Jerry was exagerrated, as he has said today that Hairston WILL receive most of the playing time.

That should be ALL of the playing time, but hey, we'll take what we can get.

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