Goatriders of the Apocalypse

Just sitting here rubbing my crystal balls

Every so often, when I really feel the urge, I will toss out one or two Fearless Predictions, since I AM a Apocalyptic GoatRider, and as such, I have some semblance of mystic powers.

They are sporadic in nature, and they are frequently wrong, due to the uncleanly condition of my crystal balls.

But I feel strongly that the Cubs, behind Zambrano and Maddux, will bust off two straight wins to start the season. Zambrano will give up 1 lousy run in seven innings, while Maddux will allow three to plate in 5 plus. After that, my greasy balls kind of smear the picture, and I can't tell if that's Dempster or a post-surgery Dave Dravecky out there...

But anyway, 2 and oh. Rack 'em. I Am Bob.

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