Goatriders of the Apocalypse

Just Bully

...for the pen, famine for the rest

Sorry, I can't resist name dropping myself. I hated having to unleash my powers (oh, they're massive, my powers) on the poor, hapless Cubs, but I needed the practice.

I'm trying to come up with a post that doesn't include the words Neifi or Dusty and any words that start with "F." It's harder than you might think, especially since last night sent my blood pressure to dangerous levels once a certain manager sent a certain ass-clown to the plate.

But the bullpen truly was fantastic, only allowing one hit in their 3 innings of work, and that one hit was given up by Wuertz, who looked otherwise unhittable (did I really call the one pitcher who gave up a hit "unhittable"?). An encouraging sign, I think, given Remlinger's struggles last year and the question mark that is Chad Fox.

But setting aside the bullpen, there was little to celebrate. Think going to a Golden Corral buffet but having your mouth wired shut. There were enough runners on base in the last three innings to fill up an Escalade, but when it came time to bring them on home...the engine wouldn't start. That is the power of Famine. Be afraid, be somewhat afraid.

But, don't panic just yet. I'm pretty wiped after flexing my metaphorical muscles last night, so I will let the Cubs resume their hitting ways. And you had better the thankful for that, as Ryan "Hit my straight-ball" Dempster will be chucking it for the Cubs.

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