Goatriders of the Apocalypse

Is it too early for the 'Must Win' card?

It's a beautiful early spring day here in Chicagoland, and today, both Prior AND Wood will be starting for us, in actual non-simulated games!!

So WHY am I queasy?

You know why, because you are, too.

Am I wrong in feeling that neither one can be considered elite anymore? I'm tired of waiting for Wood to regain his command over his pitches. Furthermore, I cannot argue Mark Prior's readiness to pitch to major league hitters. His last start, he was beaten like a wife who left her house without her burqa. There is no logical reason to believe that he can stifle the Padres today, but stifle them, he must, because there's no way that this offense is going to outscore anyone, not as they are comprised now.

Let's look ahead at what happens if one of these guys falters this afternoon. Hell, let's get positively medieval, and project what will happen if BOTH crap the bed!! Every last know-it-all, from the blogosphere to the "legitimate" media, will run for the hills, echoing doom and panic from the highest perches. And Dusty Baker, King of All Baseball, will proclaim that there ain't nuthin' wrong with his boys, that it's the media's fault that they lost, which will only serve to piss us off even more, and the vicious cycle that spun out of control ever since Bartman reached out to catch a pop foul will REALLY start to dig in and gain traction.

To prevent a media catastrophe, a premature apocalypse, if you will, I honestly consider today as a 'must win' day.

But, I'm a Cub fan. Been this way my entire life. I can't even imagine any other alternative. I cannot take it for granted that these two all-stars, blessed with more raw pitching talent than any other existing twosome in the league, will sweep the Pads today. It's just NOT in my programming. My crystal balls aren't shining bright today.

Hope Burnitz plans on taking a different route to work today, than the one he used Monday. Sheesh!

George Davidson

Our "ace" is off to a wonderful start so far. 4 Ks, 3 BB, 1 HBP, 1 HR allowed and a fielding error.

And Neifi, of all people, is the only Cub with a hit!!!!

Queasy doesn't describe it. It's full blown anger at this point.


Wood has been my favorite pitcher for YEARS. He's always been-to me-the next Rocket Clemens.
Of course, now when I say that, there's a big flashing red neon question mark in my head. So maybe the confidence is, I don't know, waivering a bit.

But Prior? He can still be considered elite. Of course he needs to take off the skirt and nut it up, but he's got the junk. He can flat-out pitch. IF he can handle it.

But Wood . . . dude has lost SOMETHING.

I don't think Prior's ready to dominate anyone, but get a few (healthy) starts in him, and he'll be a top NL pitcher.
Book it.

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