Goatriders of the Apocalypse

In-season Predictions

We were trying to get together some playoff predictions before opening day... but I got busy so they didn't get posted. So, now that opening day and more has passed... and the Red Sox season is apparently over (0-2! Smiling... I present the Goat Riders of the Apocalypse pre/in season predictions... not that you actually care.

Cubs MVP:

Bob: Ramirez

Death: Aramis Ramirez

Famine: Ramirez

Pestilence: Nomar

Cubs Cy Young:

Bob: Zambrano

Death: Carlos Zambrano

Famine: Zambrano

Pestilence: Prior

Cubs ROY:

Bob: Doo Boys, by default

Death: Jason Dubois

Famine: Guzman

Pestilence: My man, Jason Dubois.

NL Central Champions:

Bob: us, I guess

Death: The Cardinals. I look forward to being wrong.

Famine: Cubs

Pestilence: Cubs, 96 wins

NL East Champions:

Bob: Braves

Death: The Braves. Pick them until they don't, it's the only safe way.

Famine: Atlanta

Pestilence: #14

NL West Champions:

Bob: Nobody...no good? Well, Giants, I guess

Death: The Padres are my favorite choice. They're a young, talented team, and I think they're only going to get better.

Famine: Padres

Pestilence: Probably the Giants

NL Wild-card:

Bob: Fish

Death: Let's say there'll be a three-way tie at the end of the year, between the Cubs, the Marlins, and the Dodgers.

Famine: Cardinals

Pestilence: Phillies

Most Wins in the NL:

Bob: Braves

Death: The Padres - 96 wins

Famine: Atlanta

Pestilence: The Cubs - 96 wins

Fewest Wins in the NL:

Bob: Rockies

Death: The Nationals - 66 wins

Famine: Colorado

Pestilence: Nats


Bob: Albie Pooholes

Death: Scott Rolen

Famine: Miguel Cabrera

Pestilence: Pujols

NL Cy Young:

Bob: Rotten Roger, again

Death: Uhm. Uh. Carlos Zambrano?

Famine: Carlos Zambrano

Pestilence: Prior


Bob: that kid from Milwaukee

Death: No idea

Famine: Garrett Atkins

Pestilence: My Man, Jason Dubois

AL Central Champions:

Bob: Twins

Death: Minnesota

Famine: Twins

Pestilence: Twinkies

AL East Champions:

Bob: Yankees

Death: Boston Red Sox

Famine: Yankees

Pestilence: Yankees

AL West Champions:

Bob: Angels

Death: The Angels of L.A. who live in Anaheim

Famine: Angels

Pestilence: The team with my friend Vlad the Impaler

AL Wild-card:

Bob: Mariners

Death: The Yankees

Famine: Red Sox

Pestilence: Billy Beane's Boys of Oakland

Most Wins in the AL:

Bob: Angels

Death: Boston

Famine: Yankees

Pestilence: Angels - 104 wins

Fewest Wins in the AL:

Bob: Royals

Death: The Yankees (we can dream, right?)

Famine: Tampa Bay

Pestilence: The White Sox Smiling 19.19 wins


Bob: Vlad Guerrero

Death: Manny Ramirez

Famine: Vlad Guerrero

Pestilence: Ichiro because he hits in either 56 consecutive games, or tops .400

AL Cy Young:

Bob: Big Ugly Unit

Death: Matt Clement (why not?)

Famine: Randy Johnson

Pestilence: Perhaps Johan 'Sebastian Carlos' Santana


Bob: somebody not on a roster yet

Death: No idea

Famine: Casey Kotchman

Pestilence: What's an ROY? Really... I have no clue, maybe the Japanese shortstop the White Sox signed.

Anything Else?

Bob: In case you've haven't figured it out yet, I'm not much of a baseball fan anymore, Just Cubs, 24/7.

Death: Why I picked the way I picked: I never pick the Cubs to finish first. This isn't because I'm pessemistic - it's because any time I've ever picked them to win, they haven't. I'm just covering my ass this way.

I didn't pick a rookie of the year because it's a total crap-shoot.
Unless it's an Alex Rodriguez-type player, it's pretty much impossible to predict who will do what, so I don't even bother. I pretty much feel the same way about MVP and Cy Young awards.

I wouldn't be shocked if the Cubs did much better than I've
proclaimed - I think I predicted them to finish fourth on my website.
I also wouldn't be shocked if it was a three-way race for Cy Young
between the Moose, Prior, and Wood. But, I don't really know. Time
will tell, right?

Famine: The only thing I have to add is: Cubs over Red Sox in 6.

Pestilence: Cubs over the Angels in the Series. Ichiro Suzuki has a year for the ages, followed closely by Vlad the Impaler. The Red Sox miss the playoffs after finally winning the WS. Philly makes a run back to the NLCS, but the Cubs survive in six.

You too can join in the fun: Copy and Paste and Answer in the Comments.

Cubs MVP:

Cubs Cy Young:

Cubs ROY:

Who will win the NL Central?

Who will win the NL East?

Who will win the NL West?

Who will win the NL Wild Card?

Most Wins in the NL?

Fewest Wins in the NL?


NL Cy Young:


Who will win the AL Central?

Who will win the AL East?

Who will win the AL West?

Who will win the AL Wild Card?

Most Wins in the AL?

Fewest Wins in the AL?


AL Cy Young:



Cubs MVP: Part of me wants to be a smart ass and say Chad Fox, but I'll say Nomar Garciaparra.
Cubs Cy Young: Carlos Zambrano (though Mark Prior is always a threat if he makes 30+ starts)
Cubs ROY: Jason Dubois, by default

Who will win the NL Central? Chicago Cubs
Who will win the NL East? New York Mets
Who will win the NL West? Los Angeles Dodgers
Who will win the NL Wild Card? Florida Marlins
Most Wins in the NL? New York Mets (97-65)
Fewest Wins in the NL? Pittsburgh Pirates (63-99

NL MVP: Nomar Garciaparra, Cubs
NL Cy Young: Pedro Martinez, Mets
NL ROY: Clint Barmes, Rockies

Who will win the AL Central? Minnesota Twins
Who will win the AL East? Boston Red Sox
Who will win the AL West? Anaheim Angels
Who will win the AL Wild Card? Oakland Athletics
Most Wins in the AL? Minnesota Twins (98-64)
Fewest Wins in the AL? Tampa Bay (60-102)

AL MVP: Ichiro Suzuki, Mariners
AL Cy Young: Randy Johnson, Yankees
AL ROY: Joe Blanton, Athletics


It is worth noting (and I'm 90% sure on this) that Dubois has too much service time to be considered a rookie. So I think that Boise isn't going to be eligable for the award. (hence my Guzman pick)


I'll disagree with you there skinny. BBRef says Dubois has played in 20 games with 23 AB's before this year. Thats a September call-up, which doesn't disqualify him as a rookie.

I found the definition / qualifications to be eligible for the Rookie of the Year Award in an article on ESPN.

A rookie is a player who hasn't accumulated 130 at-bats or 50 innings pitched in previous seasons and hasn't spent 45 or more days on 25-man active rosters, not including times when the active list is expanded to 40.

Miss Fantastick

Cubs MVP: Ramirez
Cubs Cy Young: Zambrano
Cubs ROY: Jason Dubois(if he ever gets to play)

Who will win the NL Central? Cubs
Who will win the NL East? Braves
Who will win the NL West? Padres
Who will win the NL Wild Card? Astros (by a hair though!)
Most Wins in the NL? Atlanta- 98
Fewest Wins in the NL? Giants- 62

NL MVP: Hmmmm...It's not Barroid(the BBWAA wouldn't dare pick him after all the crap he's done and all the crap he's rubbing on himself) SO! It's going to be Scott Rolen.
NL Cy Young: ZAMBRANO!!!
NL ROY: Garrett Atkins

Who will win the AL Central? Twins
Who will win the AL East? Yankees(they're desperate...and mad now)
Who will win the AL West? Angels
Who will win the AL Wild Card? Mariners
Most Wins in the AL? Angels- 89
Fewest Wins in the AL? A's- 67

AL MVP: Vlad Guerrero
AL Cy Young: Randy Johnson (DUH!)
AL ROY: I don't pay attention to their rooks, hmmmmm..... that foreign guy the Black Sox signed.

There's my in season take. AND YES!! Jason Dubois is still a rookie by the standard, I tihnk it's a month's service where it disqualifies you from rookieship.

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