Goatriders of the Apocalypse

I'm not feeling it

Spring starts today! The Cubs start their 90th campaign in Beautiful Wrigley Field, and hope springs eternal.

Not at my house, it doesn't.

If you have trouble dealing with issues, stop reading now, and go enjoy yourself somewhere else, where Skittles come raining out of the sky in a rainbow pattern, and sheep with human heads lick them off of tree stumps.

In my world, I see a club that has done very little to move beyond the malaise that shook them last year. Yes, I AM the guy who's been beating the drums for YEARS now to get rid of the Great Sammy Sosa, and I honestly thought that the rush of fresh air that fills the void would make a difference. I still think it was a great idea to send him packing. But it appears, for all of his selfishness, that he was not the main problem last year, contrary to what the Tribune wants us to believe. The 800 pound gorilla isn't HERE anymore, and we still have NO clue whatsoever about situational baseball. The three-run homer is still our only offensive weapon.

And don't gimme none o' that "small sample size" shit, for I know crapola when I see it. And I see two of our best pitchers spazzing out over every little ache and pain they feel, and our other best pitcher still has to have the last word, to the detriment of the ballclub.

I see a team bound and determined to lift the ball in the air, over the fence. For one glorious day, they strode to the dish determined to make solid contact, and the results spoke for themselves, as have the results afterwards, now that the Cubs have returned to their uppercutting, pop-fly ways.

I see our starting catcher still has a knack for enraging (and empowering) the opposition, our famous (and healthier) shortstop is still under-achieving, and our talent-laden, home-grown Impact Player in centerfield still has delusions of being Barry Bonds, only without the supplements, and even more importantly, without the plate discipline.

It's only three games, but there is absolutely NO indication whatsoever that anything was learned from 2004. They do not seem to have turned any corners, either execution-wise or in their interpersonal relations with the other teams, the umpires, or the media.

And you KNOW where all paths trace back to....


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