Goatriders of the Apocalypse


To me, last night was the worst loss of the year, so far, in what promises to be yet ANOTHER year filled with disgusting losses. Even the blown Hawkins save didn't heat me up like watching this bunch of clueless suet waving at pitches like over-sugared blindfolded Mexican kids trying to bust a pinata.

Michael Barrett, you've been exposed!! Anytime you want to hit the ball where they ain't, is ok by me. You too, Nomar.

The pitching and defense? Not so good, either. But you HAVE to score tons-o-runs against the Reds to beat them. Until they start suffering their annual rash of blown hammies and broken collarbones, they boast a hella lineup, especially in that park. Four of the five pitchers they trotted out there last night had pork-ass ERA's, and the fifth one was the Great Kent Mercker.

We shoulda feasted, all night long. That's what hurt so bad. No killer instinct, just sit back and wait for a mistake to be turned into a three-run homer.


I can't say that I blame you. Even after tonight's win, there were some ugly moments on the field - mental mistakes on the basepaths, etc. I'm pretty sure there were some of those the game before, too. They have to be fixed.


So, if I'm reading you right, you're not happy?
Yeah, they're playing some ugly ball against some not-so-stiff competition. We'll see what happens against StL and Hou in the next two series.
We shall see.
Last night's win was a big one, though, and got my hopes up a little bit at least.
Dusty's gotta go.

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