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Coup D'etat: Axe Dusty Now!

Until today I have been fairly steadfast in my support of Dusty Baker. I have been known to say time and again: "I don't agree with many of his on-field moves, in fact I think he is a bad tactical manager... but his teams win and we couldn't replace him with a better manager, so I say Dusty stays."

Today, I particularly disagreed with the decision to replace Jason Dubois with Jose Macias, and the decision to pull Greg Maddux.

As of today, I have officially stopped trying to defend Dusty Baker. In fact, I'm on the fire Dusty Baker bandwagon. The rest of the CBA also seems to be smelling blood after today's game.

  • "I'm ON the bandwagon -- the one ready to ride Dusty Baker out of town." - Al Yellon, Bleed Cubbie Blue
  • "There were a few positives in the game like Jason Dubois, the continued brilliance of Derrek Lee, the continued surprise that is Neifi and a nice 8 inning; 96 pitch performance by Greg Maddux. Of course Dusty managed to negate all of that. Way to go Dusty...way to go!" - Rob Glowacki, The Cub Reporter
  • "The season is young but Dusty has already cost us five wins. This is going to be a miserable, long and extremely frustrating season unless something changes soon... How did Dusty ever get his phony reputation of being a top manager?" - Bill Kelly, Rooftop Report.
  • "I am so frustrated with the team. I never thought I would say this, but I am officially Anti Baker. He has no business being the Cubs manager anymore. I'm tired of his crazy pinch hitting decisions. I'm tired of his bullpen decisions. I'm tired of his pathetic excuse for managing. The time has come to make a change. It's time to get a guy with some fire that will challenge his guys to meet their expectations." - Joe Aiello, View From the Bleachers

This isn't a list of half-drunk johnny-come-lately's with nothing better to do than start a blog and post when they are pissed... look at the list of Blogs calling for Dusty Baker's head today, Bleed Cubbie Blue, The Cub Reporter, View From the Bleachers, Rooftop Report, we know Sloth, Ivy Chat, Cub Fan Nation, and the whole Desipio gang are out for Dusty's head... Mike Comar of Cubs Pundit has recently re-titled his blog, Fire Dusty Baker. In other words, I really think Dusty lost Cubs fans today. I personally gave him a million-and-a-half chances... and I'm done. Dusty Baker sucks.


alright, the Cubs obviously need me. I'm coming home.


Once I get my PC back online, I'll update the Fire Dusty meter.

Jason R.

Is the meter up to "Please" yet? Maybe "Pretty Please"


Yeah, another "great" decision by Dusty - pulling Wuertz in favor of Mike "Greyhound" Remlinger against the Cardinals.

Bottom 8, still 1-0 Cards, Remlinger swaggers out of the bullpen to the delight of the then-slumping Larry Walker, who has a .440 lifetime average against ol' Mike. Larry slaps one over the wall, and then the game is done.

I would love to see Dusty managerialize his head out of his ass.

So long Dusty, so long Macias, so long Hollandsworthless, please, could it happen?


damn goat....

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