Goatriders of the Apocalypse

1 and 0

We Cubs fans aren't exactly sane, most of the time. For example. In spite of knowing that the 2005 team is good, in spite of knowing that we have the best pitching in baseball, and in spite of knowing that the Cubs should make a run for the playoffs, I gaurantee you that at the start of every season, there are a few fans out there who worry that it'll be another 14 game losing streak.

Luckily, the Cubs occasionally play well enough so that it immediately becomes a moot point. Take 2003, for example. That was the year the Cubs opened against newly acquired Mets ace Tom Glavine, who they then proceeded to pummel, like he owed them lunch money or something. In fact, the 2003 Cubs tied a team record for most runs scored on an opening day - a record that hadn't been matched for more than 100 years.

They broke that record yesterday. 16 runs scored. Five RBIs from Dee Lee, four more from newly resigned Aramis Ramirez. Hits by every starter and some backups. "Moose" Zambrano got to run the bases, and resembled a semi truck in the process. Corey Patterson didn't swing at the first pitch he saw. Hell, he didn't even strike out during that first at bat - he worked the count and got a base hit, which later resulted in the first scored run of the game. Then, after striking out in an ugly fashion, he became the first Cub to draw a walk in the 2005 campaign.

All in all, it was a heck of a game that I got to see most of thanks in part to MLB TV. (There was one weird moment where the broadcast was replaced by a TBS episode of Everybody Loves Raymond, but I just went and had dinner, and came back to the ballgame). The game was also a lot of fun.

That's right, fun. Something the Cubs were missing for most of last season. The most fun moment came in the 8th, when young lefty Cliff Bartosh got to bat for himself and wound up with his first major league hit. The grounds crew returned the hit ball to the Cubs dugout, where it was promptly handed over to Kerry Wood. One of our two new announcers - I'm not sure if it was Len or Bob - said, "Uh oh, that's no good!" Wood then turned his back to the field (from where Bartosh was surely watching) and fake-threw the ball into the stands.

Welcome to the show, rook.

Let's hope they're still having fun in September.

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