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Update: Carlos Zambrano 120 Win-O-Meter Completed!

Although I liked the other Carlos 120 Win image, I decided I wanted to go with something a little snazzier. With that in mind, I've created the following graphic, which with Byron's permission, will be placed in the links section of this site. If any other bloggers would like to add this image to their links bar, feel free to ask and we'll try to arrange it. Here it is:

Thoughts? Opinions?


His hat is cut off.

Otherwise, I approve heartily.


Unfortunately, that was what it looked like from the image I used. I'm not sure if I'm good enough to give him back the rest of his hat, but I might give it a shot.

And hey, I'm considering turning the Zambran-O-meter into a sign if I can find someone with season tickets who'd take it to the games. Any takers?


That's awesome, and what better way to increment the counter than with his laser beams.


The Zambranometer... OUTSTANDING!!! It even sounds like something technical someone might use.


The good news is, Al Yellon of bleedcubbieblue.com has agreed to take the sign with him to all Cubs home games. The bad news is, I now have to make one! Hopefully it'll look as cool as the graphic on the site here, and will make the television about as often as the Shawon-o-meter used to! And of course, the top will say something like "brought to you by www.goatriders.org and www.bleedcubbieblue.com!"

Miss Fantastick

This reminds me of the Shawon-o-meter!

You should stick it in your front yard.

Todd Hundleys Designated Liver

I'm gonna be honest here, but i think a 120 win o'meter is a terrible idea. It's not attainable and why put any more added pressure on the team if it actually is accepted by the Cubs mass (hysteria) and WGN got a hold of it like the dunston o'meter.

I'll be thrilled if they get 105 wins. I think the whole thing is silly.


THDL - Silly is the point. No one is expecting the team to win 120 games - well, except for Carlos. But even if they land at only 95 wins, I seriously doubt anyone would see the season as a failure - even if the meter is never full. Besides, there's always room in the graphic to add a few things, like "NL Central Champions," or, "National League Champions," or, "World Champions!"

And one other thought... there's no reason we couldn't tack on post season victories as well.

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