Goatriders of the Apocalypse

My GM is better than your GM

Over the last two weeks, the Goat Riders of the Apocalypse have been pleased to present two guest posts. Two weeks ago, Kevin Dunn of Cubs Club MLB, a Taiwan based Cubs blogger told us the story of how he became a Cubs fan.

Last week, Will Carroll of Baseball Prospectus and The Juice Blog informed our readers why he hates Wrigley Field.

Both articles were smashing successes, and so we have been working hard this past week to line up an impressive list of guest columnists for the weeks ahead. Our plan is to have a visiting luminary each Monday. Furthermore, for the first half of the season, these columns will all have a common theme: "My GM is better than your GM."

We have called upon elite bloggers to defend their GM and argue why their man is the best in baseball. We already broached the subject last week with the post on Terry Ryan, and an interesting debate ensued. Similarly, I expect that the posts in the coming weeks will spark debate... and possibly end with a smattering of blogger blood on our apocalyptic floor. So, we encourage you to bookmark Goat Riders of the Apocalypse today so that you can catch all the posts that will follow.

Two week forecast:

Next week: Evan Brunell, Fire Brand of the American League, on Theo Epstein

Week Two: David Pinto, Baseball Musings, on Brian Cashman

After that, we'll have many more fantastic bloggers for this series that will run through the All-Star Break.

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