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Kerry Wood as Curt Schilling?

Maybe, someday, in his late Thirties, Kerry Wood will do something extraordinary, without any regard to his own well being or future, that will lead some team to a championship. Just like Curt "Sutures" Schilling did this past fall.

Maybe, someday soon, Mark Prior or Carlos Zambrano might win 20 games for the Cubs. Hell, Angel Guzman might win 20 someday.

Maybe, depending on how much money the Tribune makes, whether they feel especially charitable towards him, and especially on his performance as a clubhouse leader and media mouthpiece, but maybe Kerry Wood will spend a good portion of his career here, like his buddy Mark Grace.

But this, I know for sure:

Don't count on him being the stud hoss that carries this pitching staff in the near-to-mid future. He couldn't finish his start today, which is no big deal I guess, until you start to consider the bulk of his work. Except for the first few months of 1998, and the last month of 2003, has Kerry Wood EVER put together a sustained effort of excellence?

At this point in time, Prior has an 18-win season, Zambrano a 16-win season. The former A's trio of Zito-Mulder-Hudson aren't any older than he, and haven't they ALL won Cy Youngs already?

I'm not saying he needs to go. That's why I brought up Curt Schilling. The two aren't really equivalent when examined closely. Many of Schilling's early career problems stemmed from his partying and, mainly, his own arrogance. Wood's problems have resulted from his delivery, and a certain sense of physical fraility. Muscle pulls, flu, back problems.

Eventually Schilling stopped thinking, stopped being a little bitch, and starting pitching. Wood WILL figure it out someday, mark my words. Just not in this decade...

Scott G. F.

Don't ya just wish the trainer for the Cubs would tell Woody. "Get back out there ya pussy and pitch!!".
Don't football QB's throw after being slamed to the turff by some guy that out weighs him by at least 100 lbs? Our pitchers walk to the mound and try to deliver a ball the same way with the same motion and get hurt. Does this make sence to anyone?


no... Hudson hasn't, and Zito and Mulder are both products of their system... which maybe Kerry is too.

I won't start to compare Kerry Wood with Curt Schilling, because I remember Schilling back in 92 and 93 before he ran into injury problems in the mid 90s... I couldn't remember a pitcher capable of dominating playoff level teams like he did since Jack Morris in 84.

Though I do remember Kerry dominating ATL in 2003, only giving up 7 hits in 15 innings. In fact, if Clement or Zambrano had won either of their games against the Braves, the Cubs could have led off with Kerry facing the Marlins in game 1. Could have changed the complexion of that series.

Remember this about Schilling... he showed what he could do in the playoffs before anybody even knew he could become the workhorse, 300-K pitcher we all know and love today. He was actually threw away in two of the worst trades in MLB history before Philadelphia stole him from Houston in much the same fashion.


As logical as that sounds, Scott... QBs don't do it 100 times every two weeks, much less 100 times every five days... I have no trouble seeing why pitchers get arm injuries much more than QBs.


Did Schilling have terrible mechanics that constantly caused him injuries that if refused to change? If he did then yeah Kerry could be him. Later.

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