Goatriders of the Apocalypse

Injury Conspiracies Emerge

It's another year, but the same old conspiracies are already springing up again. Last year's Spring Training was perhaps the most controversial ever for the Cubs, as injury after injury plagued the team. But the thing that really irked the fans was the way we were constantly deceived regarding the severity of the injuries. We were told that Mark Prior was only out for two weeks, when he was in fact gone for two months. Same with Kerry Wood. We were told that, after Todd Hollandsworth injured his shin, he was only a few weeks from returning. He never got back.

So, it's not too surprising to see Fox Mulder hiding out behind bushes at the Cubs Spring Training complex, yelling at the top of his lungs, "the truth is out there!"

This year, the conspiracy talk has already renewed. The Sun-Times reported today that Mark Prior won't be pitching in games for a while, because the Cubs apparently want to try a strategy in which he throws in simulated games only.

Likewise, the Tribune is reporting that Nomar Garciaparra shouldn't miss any time after he banged up his wrist on a foul ball while batting.

Yet, we Cubs fans are already worried, and quite frankly, can you blame us? Hopefully, the truth will reveal itself sooner rather than later, and we conspiracy nuts can breath a calming sigh of relief.

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