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Conspiracy Theory #2

Chicagosports.com is running an article written by Phil Rogers that states that Sammy Sosa and Frank Thomas have been 'invited' to a congressional hearing on March 17th to discuss steroids with a House committee.

Excerpt from: Steroid Panel asks Sosa, Thomas to testify

by: Phil Rogers, Chicago Tribune, March 4, 2005

Sammy Sosa and Frank Thomas are among a group of five active players who have been invited to appear at a March 17 Congressional hearing concerning how effectively Major League Baseball's new testing policy will address steroid use.


Selig declined to comment on the hearing, which is being chaired by Rep. Tom Davis (R-Va.) and Waxman.

Did that last sentence ring a little bell in the back of your mind? Lets find out about Tom Davis (R-Va.) The Honorable Congressman Davis is from Virginia's 11th District.

The Virginia District of Legislative Services was kind enough to provide me with a map (size=small).


So where was the team going to play if the Northern Virginia group won the team? Loudon County Virginia. Loudon County Virginia is in the Virginia 10th. However, the planned location for the stadium is about five miles from the edge of the 11th district.

Below is a map of the planned location for the team in Northern Virginia... kindly borrowed from Virginans for Baseball. You will notice the proposed site is directly across from Dulles Airport.


And finally here is a map of the 11th district with a pin drawn in the general vicinity of where the stadium was planned (I had to compare about three maps to get it, so please accept an apology if it is off.)


And lest the reader be fooled by the scale of this map, I post one final map from MSN showing the airport and the city of Burke which is smack dap in the middle of the 11th district. I added the black line connecting Dulles and Burke and then copied that line, straightened it out, turned it red, and overlayed it against the map legend. It is 12 miles and a trip to the bathroom from the Dulles Airport to Burke.


So, we have a Congressman from a district very close to where Baseball decided not to move a team who is investigating steroids. OK.

For some more reading on this subject, you might want to check out the Congressman's press release about the planned hearings.

Excerpt from: Government Reform Committee Announces Hearing on Major League Baseball and Use of Steroids

available via Congressman Davis' official page, March 4, 2005
"Some have asked why a congressional hearing is a good idea, why it's necessary," said Rep. Davis. "First, there's a cloud over baseball, and perhaps a public discussion of the issues, with witnesses testifying under oath, can provide a glimpse of sunlight. Second, I'm extremely concerned about the message being sent to children. We have a responsibility to help educate all Americans but especially young people who admire and emulate their heroes--about the very real health risks associated with steroid use. We can help kids understand that steroids aren't cool.

... and this letter available from the official Northern Virginia baseball site.

Excerpt from: Statement of the Virginia Baseball Club

by William L. Collins III, Sept. 29, 2004
We recognize and appreciate the long-term support of Senators George Allen and John Warner, and Congressmen Tom Davis and Frank Wolf. Attorney General Jerry Kilgore and Lieutenant Governor Tim Kaine were also very supportive of our effort.

Looks like business as usual in Washington.


He's just as close to D.C., you realize. =P

Miss Fantastick

And just think! If this was the Senate, it wouldn't be Rep. Davis, it'd be John McCain.
He's from Arizona. They have baseball there if you haven't noticed.


First, I'm not too good with conspiracy theories, I just thought these facts should be pointed out.

The difference is the tax basis... I think. The state of Virginia would have gotten all kinds of tax dollars if the team was located in VA as opposed to DC.

Miss Fantastick, the point though is that this is Rep. Tom Davis, not Rep. Pete Visclosky or Sen. McCain. I just think its interesting that a guy who worked hard to bring a team to Northern Virginia and subsequently lost out, is now chairing committee meetings to talk about steroids. Thats all.

I realize this happens all the time, and I don't frankly care. If the Congress is going to do this, better the jilted lover than some headline seeking third party. Still, its interesting and worth pointing out. Plus, you'd never read this in the 'traditional' media.


Good Lord. Henry Waxman, the Democrat, was called a hero for calling for these hearings. What exactly is it that the Republican did wrong in this case? Wow, he represents the district near the site of the proposed Virginia team. Awful, awful. Further evidence of all that is rotten.


Great post. Always important to remember the motivation behind the action.

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