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Carlos Zambrano: "We could win 116, 120 games"

Did you see that? In a recent interview, Carlos Zambrano said the following: "The other day I was sitting down and thinking about last season. I'm the kind of person who, whatever happens in the past, let it be in the past. But we won 89 games last year without Prior and Wood when they were hurt. This year, if we can count on 10 more wins from each of them, we can win 116 games, 120 games. I know we can do it with the pitching we have and the hitters. We'll be OK."

116 wins. 120 wins! Wow! No expectations, big guy!

Over at North Side Baseball, this quote inspired RoastTheDamnGoat to create a Carlos Zambrano Team Wins Meter. It looks like this:

I'll have to talk to Byron about it, but I'm tempted to either use this or something similar on the Goat Riders page. It could be either a lot of fun or incredibly depressing to keep track of the Cubs wins total as they climb ever upward toward the high-mark on the graphic.

As for Carlos, he is quickly becoming one of my favorite Cubs. I don't know if there's been a guy as colorful as him on the team since I started following the club in the mid 80's.


Gotta love the Z. He's my favorite player on the team. =)


the problem I have with this graphic is he's point to 40. I don't like that juju... I'd rather him be point to 90 or something less of a bad omen... I'm glad you guys made a new sign.

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