Goatriders of the Apocalypse

Signs of the Times

Michael Barrett, Corey Patterson, Kyle Farnsworth, Scott Williamson, Chad Fox, and Stephen Randolph are all Cubs. That should catch you up on all of the actual Cubs news.

Now for the good stuff. Arbitration numbers came down today, and Roger "the Rocket" Clemens doesn't appear to be handing out any hometown discounts to the team from Houston. Rocket asked for a record $22 million in arbitration. The Astros are a mere $8.5 million lower at $13.5 million.

To give you an idea of what an $8.5 million dollar bump in your payroll can cause, lets look at some other numbers: Johann Santana, the AL Cy Young Award winner last year asked for $6.8 million from the Twins.

Or if you are a fan of real baseball (the National League), Nomar Garciaparra will be making a base salary of $8 million next year.

So, just in case Drayton McLane wanted a seven-time Cy Young Award winner at the front of his rotation... he'd better head over to the ATM now. At $200 per transaction, its gonna take a while to withdraw Roger's first paycheck.


Well... why shouldn't Clemens get $22 million if he's gonna come back out of retirement and line the owners' pockets with boo-coo bucks, while they spend exactly none of it on improving their team... unless you count Turk Wendell and Dave Burba.

Am I the only Cubs fan who's excited about having Scott Williamson on the roster? He could easily be the Cubs answer as a closer if he's healthy.

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