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Roster Inventory


Aside from your run of the mill trade rumors, free agent posturing, and legendary second basemen being elected into the hall of fame, not much is doing around here.

The Sandberg deal is huge, its important, but there really isn't any news there. The news is this: Sandberg was named on 393 Hall of Fame ballots out of 516. The threshold to be inducted is 75% of the votes, or 387. Sandberg got in with 5 votes to spare, and in July he will be officially inducted into the hall of fame.

Aside from these facts, there is just statistics and recollections to fuel the Ryno frenzy.

In other words, the best thing to write about now seems to be a player who hasn't been on the roster since 1997. And so, today I am going to focus on the 2005 team.

Currently, there are 21 guys on the 40 man roster who will definitely make the starting 25 on opening day.

Starters: Prior, Wood, Zambrano, Maddux

Relievers: Borowski, Dempster, Farnsworth, Hawkins, Remlinger

General Pitcher: Rusch

Infield: Barrett, Blanco, Garciappara, Lee, Macias, Perez, Ramirez, Walker

Outfield: Hollandsworth, Patterson, Sosa

Barring any trades, this leaves the Cubs with four open roster slots to fill. Two of these are likely to be pitchers, and two will probably be outfielders.

The two pitchers will probably be Todd Wellemeyer and Jon Leicester, although each could lose their job if they have a bad spring while another pitcher excels. The Cubs organization is in love with Will Ohman (a lefty), and I expect he could crack the roster if he follows up an excellent Arizona Fall League season with a very good spring training.

In the outfield, the Cubs have David Kelton and Jason Dubois as internal options to fill the open two slots. I highly doubt that both of these guys will make the opening day roster, and its possible neither one will. The Cubs have been reticent to give their minor league position players a real shot at making the team.

So, Jim Hendry's job the rest of this spring is to find a starting left-fielder and to keep his eyes open for solid undervalued veteran bench help, preferably of the Todd Hollandsworth variety, rather than the Tom Goodwin type.

So yes, the news is quiet for a good reason. The Cubs don't have a whole lot more to do between now and April, and any kind of frenzied bidding on Beltran will probably result in the Cubs falling short of Beltran, and then paying too much for a backup plan like Magglio Ordonez.

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