Goatriders of the Apocalypse

There's too much Good Cheer

A scourge of the Earth such as myself gets very uncomfortable this time of year. The mindless set of rabble you all are, for the most part, but this time of year, as the air turns to wind-swept ice, you drop to your knees and pray to your deities, and all that goodwill towards Men chafes me raw down there, knowhatimsayin?

Especially for this Carlos Beltran...I'm feeling a lot of prayers for this guy, mostly in the large metropolitan areas, LA, NY, Chicago, and the Houston petroplex.

I think until such time that you all revert to your petty, squabbling selves, I'm just going to take my goat and go somewheres warm, like Fallujah, where the food is rich, the dynamite is bangin' and the honeys be shakin' it like a babyass thermometer. True riches are hiding behind the rotting bicuspids of the pious women in their burqas.

Yeah, that's where Bob's gonna rest for a few. Enjoy yer presents, and yer figgy pudding. I know Jim Hendry must be right now. Otherwise, why is Sosa still here? Even I can't stomach the prick.


pretty quiet round here sheep boyz.

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