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Mark Mulder Madness

Would anybody like to tell me what Billy Beane is thinking this offseason?

A supposedly small-market team trades for one of the largest catching contracts in the bigs (Jason Kendall)...

... and then cries poor, sending two of the premier pitchers (Hudson & Mulder) in the big leagues to teams we have to compete with for a playoff spot (Braves & Cardinals)?

The Hudson deal might have been understandable, but the Mulder deal? The A's got a decent reliever (Kiko Calero), a sub-par starter (Danny Haren), and a stud catching prospect (Daric Barton)... which they won't have room for at the major league level for several years?

So again I ask, what the hell?


If it makes you feel any better Mulder seemed to break down in the second half of last year, so there's a good chance the Cards just got hosed.


Yes, I was aware of that... no, it doesn't make me feel any better. Smiling

John P

Sub-par starter Danny Haren has about the same ERA as Mulder. Better as a starter. I suspect he will have a better year in Oakland than Mulder did last year. Meanwhile, the real question is Mulder's health. Last year could have been a fluke, and he could come back. But, it could be that what tey got last year is all you are gonne get out of him from now on.

Meanwhile, of course they will have room for Barton. You think that Beane would pick $11+ mil Kendall over a dirt cheap Barton when Barton becomes ready? Kendall will be traded. But Barton is still in A ball (probably AA next year), so the A's will be with Kendall at least a year or two.


The thing about Barton is, even though he hits a ton (in A ball granted) he can't field his position all that well. Maybe that's something they can teach him as he progresses through the minors, or maybe it's just something they learn to live with (like the Mets and Piazza's inability to throw out base stealers). Or maybe they have to move him to LF or 1B where his numbers aren't so spectacular. Be interesting to see how that plays out.


They must think awfully highly of Kendall. The contracts themselves don't make logical sense otherwise.

I was surprised that Mulder went to the Cards as well. Felt like a punch to the kidney. Can't blame the Redbirds for taking that offer though. I guess Beane is using his buy low, sell high theory on the pitching staff, at least. Rolling the dice. I'm curious on how this will all work out.

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