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Giambi admits to cheating

How will new York love Jason Giambi now?

According to the San Francisco Chronicle, Giambi admitted to a grand jury that he used a variety of drugs to enhance his play, most of which was given to him by the personal trainer of Barry Bonds, Greg Anderson.

Giambi admitted to using "the clear," "the cream," and human growth hormone in 2003, and to having used other steroids in earlier seasons. This of course is no surprise to anyone following the situation, but I have to wonder how this will effect Giambi's career from here on out, and his contract with the Yankees. (Is it possible it could be voided?)

So, I think at this point the question becomes: when will Bonds be found out? He has to be shooting up - there's just no way it isn't happening, or hasn't happened. Perhaps we should start a steroid pool and guess what month and what year it becomes revealed that Bonds was doing the roids?


I find the timing of this curious. I would not be surprised to find that his "mysterious illness" is some sort of grunge caused by HGH, like the brain cancer that killed Lyle Alzado.

I can't believe he would actually go public with this, still believing that he can play ball.


I doubt he wanted to go public with it, but he confessed it while under oath.

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