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Closer from Within

It appears that next year's version of the Cubs will feature a closer from within the current roster, rather than via trade or free agency. All three local papers have the same Hendry quotes, so it is safe to assume that Kiley didn't screw it up this time.

Basically, it appears that it will be a battle royale between Dempster and Borowski, health permitting, with Hawkins as the emergency standby.

Well, he also mentions Farns, but he doesn't mention what they might have to do to prevent him from crapping down his leg every time he is asked to pitch the last inning. Maybe Imodium can earn a commercial spot out of their efforts. So I'm leaving Kyle Farns #44 out of this conversation.

IF, and that's a big IF, either Dempster or Reg'lar Joe can come all the way back, we could have six inning games with the best starting staff in the bigs. Farns can handle the seventh without much in the way of incontinence, Hawkins can deal with the eighth, and the Closer Du Jour the ninth.

Who needs a right-fielder than can make contact?


I thought this site was about signing Beltran.

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