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Pestilence commands you: Read

Not much doing right now. Nor are we likely to see much action before Wednesday morning, due to draft picks at stake for signing free agents.

I do keep hearing the Cubs are close to signing Nomar, and are talking semi-seriously with Todd Walker.

In fact, its so quiet this weekend, I have resorted to reading the official Cubs website for news.

Jason DuBois is playing well in Mexico. He has a .362 OBP, and a .522 SLG. In 138 at-bats, he has 9 dingers, 22 RBI, 3 SB, and 18 bases on balls. However, it looks like DuBois is swinging away, with little regard for contact. He has 52 strikeouts in 156 PA, thats 1 in 3 plate appearances. His average is also .254.

Looks like Jason is going to need to work on making contact if he wants any playing time under Dusty next year.

Also, in regards to the Cubs closer connundrum, Will Ohman is playing for the same Mexican League team, the Mazatlan Deer, as DuBois. Ohman has 14 saves in 17 innings, with 27 strikeouts (1.58 K/ip, 14.3 k/9ip). He has walked 7, allowed 9 hits, and 2 earned runs. His WHIP is .941, and he has an ERA of 1.06.

Now, the Mexican League isn't the Major Leagues, but I'm guessing the Cubs will give Ohman a good look in Spring Training.


uhhh... Pesti! Didn't you get the memo last year? Dusty thinks bat control is a waste of his overflowing mental capacity. Dubois would work just fine as long as he never took a walk and popped a homer ever four or five games he gets into.

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