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Arbitratin' Kerry Wood

A random question that has arisen in the past couple of days is whether or not Kerry Wood will be offered arbitration by Jim Hendry in order to secure the Cubs draft picks from the team that inevitably signs him to a multi-year deal.

The thing is, like Greg Maddux before him in his final season with the Braves, it's conceivable that Wood would accept arbitration.  Basically, the key factors here are a) loyalty - if he really wants to be a Cub, you never know, b) the free agent market - if the money's not there once the top free agents get locked up, Wood just might be able to win more cash through arbitration than what's being offered by any team, and c) the insane level of denial that exists within us Cub fans - he's not coming back.

I only mention the possibility because today has been a slow content day and while we wait for Jason's article on Henry Blanco, I thought you might appreciate having something to discuss.

So - will Hendry offer Wood arbitration?  If he does, would Wood accept?  If Wood wouldn't, why has he not done it?  Questions abound.

Besides, I think "Arbitratin'" Kerry Wood has a certain ring to it.

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