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GameCast: April 30th - Cubs vs. Marlins

Game Cast
Chris Volstad (2-0, 2.70 ERA) v. Sean Marshall (0-1, 4.50 ERA)
First, an announcement
Tomorrow morning at roughly 6:30AM central, I will be appearing for a segment on Miller&Deace In the Morning on 1460 KXNO radio.  But if you don't want to get up early and listen to me shake out the cobwebs live on the air then you can tune into it later in the day on their podcast page (I think Jon said it would be up and available by noonish).  I have a pretty clear idea on the things I plan to talk about and I can promise you I'll be doing my best to entertain.  So tune in!

It turns out that you make the most fantastic focaccia bread in the world.  It's a long-standing, handed-down family recipe that your father made you swear to guard with your life.  Then one day the prestigeous cook of a five-star restaurant tastes your amazing bread and offers you on the spot a job to work in his kitchen.  But 3 hours into your first shift your bread isn't cooking right.  The dough is too tough.  It isn't rising properly.  It turns out that your glorious bread - which tastes like heaven when you have time to prepare it - turns into doughy shiz when you have to churn it out regularly.  You know why? 

Because you lack consistency, my friend.  Just like these Cubs.

Right now we can come up with these tremendous reasons - no, let's call them excuses - for why the Cubs are tanking.  Players are hurting.  The team lacks balance.  The #3 hitter hasn't found his stroke.  The replacement right fielder looks like a lawn gnome out there.  The newly-rich 17-game-winning ace is pitching like crap.

But these are all just excuses.  Good teams find ways to win no matter what their day-to-day situation.  I still believe the Cubs are a good team.  They have time to turn into a consistent winner in 2009.  But when?  When will it happen?

Note to the Cubs: make it happen starting tonight.

Who's Hot
The Cubs just got shut out.  The only one who's "hot" is the poor bastard who lit himself on fire yesterday rather than face another season of crushed hopes and broken dreams.

Who's Not
The Cubs just got shut out.  Until further notice, the entire team has been dumped onto the NOT HOT list.  I don't know if that list actually exists - although if it did Roseanne Barr would be holding down the fort - but it should and the Cubs belong there.

I'm feeling emotional!  I'm feeling angry!  I'm just some schmuck who writes about them mostly for free on the internet!  Imagine how Lou feels!

But you know what?  While I'm sure he's other-than-happy right now, we've yet to see a story about a big blow up.  This could be from one of two reasons.  A) Lou's too old to get fired up anymore and maybe it's time to put him out to pasture.  2) Even Lou is not worried yet. 

And if the most tempramental, angriest manager of our era isn't red faced and yelling yet, then what the hell are we doing getting so worried so soon?  Just a thought.

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I agree. I'm pretty angry,

I agree. I'm pretty angry, and I'm ready for a frackin' winning streak.

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