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GameCast: April 28th - Cubs v. Arizona

Carlos Zambrano (1-1, 4.85 ERA) vs. Yusmeiro Petit (0-1, 6.00 ERA)

On a team where the starting second baseman is the only back up third baseman...

...where a guy who never played anywhere but first base before he turned 28 is starting in right field....

...where the only lefty reliever on the team has failed to have a single no-hit, no-walk outing...

...they play to do more than just survive.  They play to WIN It's DeathCub 2009 - The Bloodening!

The good news about tonight: Milton Bradley is apparently ready to return to the lineup, or will be ready to do so soon.  Just one small request to Cub fans: when a guy has hurt legs/testicles, DON'T EFFIN' BOO HIM FOR NOT RUNNING OUT A HIT BALL.   Idiots!  YOU try running out a ground ball with a throbbing-not-in-the-fun-way groin!

Anyway, earlier I posted an article about the "crazy" roster moves I'd make to give the team better balance.  One such "crazy" move would be promoting a legitimate backup third baseman and shortstop to the team at the cost of a guy who is essentially the team's sixth outfielder and one of the team's seven relief pitchers, three of whom appear to totally suck ass.  But before you jump aboard the "crazy Kurt" train keep in mind that the team's only backup third baseman is their starting second baseman and he had something like two errors in one game yesterday.  That's not good.  Just sayin'.

Who's Hot
Alfonso Soriano - he hit homerun #6 yesterday.  Incidentally the Fonz was given up on by Lou Piniella after a 1 for 8 spell as the #3 hitter.  Thankfully Lou's not so quick to give up on other players who only go 1 for 8.

Who's Not
Mike Fontenot - despite his second homerun of the season last night Fontenot had 2 defensive errors at third.  He's got some makin' up to do.

Dave Patton - He's been getting hammered as of late after giving up 2 more runs - 1 earned - last night.  How much longer until Lou cuts the cord?

Between the two of them, I'd probably bet on Carlos Zambrano to have a better game than Yusmeiro Petit.  But it's no sure thing -- the Moose has shown moments of brilliance amid instances of crappiness. 

But if ever there was a game I'd like to see the Cubs win, it's tonight's.

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