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Series Recap: Cubs 10, Cardinals 3, dooooooom

Cubs win?
Memo from a Cardinals fan:
I know it's only 17 games into the 2009 season, but I'm nervous.  My team was doing really good there for a few games, but did you see the way the Cubs hammered them today?  It's like it wasn't even a competition!  I mean, where was the Cards offense?  What will we do it St. Louis can't stop the bleeding?  10 runs to 3?  Horrible!  I'm quite convinced this season is going to be a total bust...

Back in reality.  Sounds ridiculous, doesn't it?  But if the script had been flipped and the Cubs took the first 2 game of this series only to get smacked around by the Cardinals today, then that is exactly what dopey Cub fans would be saying right now. 

Nevertheless, the Cubs whomped the Cardinals.  It felt good.  Every starter - but Geo Soto, shocker and Reed Johnson - got a hit.  In fact, the 1-4 guys went 8 for 16 with 7 of the team's 8 RBI (2 runs came unearned).

Offensive winners particularly include Micah Hoffpauir - 2 for 3, with 1 homerun (clearly he needs to have Derrek Lee's job) - and Kosuke Fukudome, who hit his 4th homerun of the year.  Remember folks, he only hit 10 all of last season.

Rich Harden picked up his second win of the year, struck out 9 in 6 innings, dropped his ERA to 3.86, and sweated his balls off when the Cubs bullpen came in and gave up 4 hits and 2 walks in the final 3 innings of the game. 

Series Recap
This could be known as the Three Game April Series in which some very vocal Cub fans lost their confidence in the team.  I will not contest how ugly it was, because it sure was horrible.  I won't argue that some very bad things happened - from freak injuries to ugly losses to feelings of immense frustration - because those were all bad and they happened in a matter of one weekend.

But I will say this: if your team quit on the game as quickly as you quit on your team, you would hate them with a passion.  Just a reminder.

Tomorrow the Cubs head into Arizona, and we will be announcing some fun projects at GROTA.

Current Record: 9-8
Position in the NL Central: 4th place, 3 games out of first
Best Possible Record: 154-8
Worst Possible Record: 9-153
Record needed to win 110: 101-44
On Pace For: 86-76

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Thank you

For making the cliff jumpers sound so dumb. It has sadly been a huge trend, well, since 2003. It just seems to get worse every day, which is a shame. You can't write off a season in April. It's really just that hard to do.

Regardless, it was a good game. It is nice to see fukudome on such a hot streak right now (and happy birthday). Hopefully Lee's spasms won't keep him out for long as he was starting to turn a corner. It'd also be nice to get A-ram back in the lineup soon (rumors of AZ series tomorrow... allegedly).

Good win overall. Hopefully they can take this momentum and build on it against an Arizona team that can barely plate a run at the moment.


Kurt.... suppose the cubs lose tomorrow, can we ease up on the sarcasm in the game summary? I get it, a lot of cub fans are fickle including me at times but come on MOST people have perspective so don't pander to the ledge jumpers. The Cubs have a history of breaking our hearts so its always going to be a roller coaster of emotions until they finally get that monkey/goat/black cat off their backs. So I think its good that your keeping everything in perspective but the sarcasm is hard to read sometimes when the cubs lose and we're all disappointed. Other than that great work on the site it has come a long way in the past year or so.

Just a little constructive criticism from a loyal reader

I understand your point and

I understand your point and I apologize for being a bit heavy handed. Probably my biggest pet peeve is the ledge-walker/cliff-jumper. As a nearly 30-year-old Cub fan who's been following the team since before he learned how to tie his shoes, I've been through the same heartbreak, the same frustration, and the same disappointment as many of you. So why is it so much easier for me to retain perspective?

I have a model that I try to follow on this blog - Charlize Theron. She's so hot!

No, my model is one of being honest and of writing about whichever topic is on my mind. Part of my honesty is that fans who act like idiots annoys me, and part of the model I follow is not being afraid to call my readers on their stupidity should they act - or say something - stupid.

But my model also allows for criticism - and while I'll defend the other Goat Riders and their opinions (even if I strongly disagree with them) to my death - I've never banned anybody for telling me when I'm wrong. (I might have very strongly disagreed with them about my wrongness, but in the words of my favorite radio host "it's *my* show.") Anyway, I know that there may be one or three people loudly guffawing my claim of inviting dissent, because on perhaps two occassions I've posted a thread with disabled comments as a sort of "last word" deal ... but I try to only do that if we're being sophistic and talking in circles.

All that said, fry, I'll try to tone down on my mockery of ledge jumpers but if somebody says something so stupid that it makes my blood pressure rise I will probably struggle to keep quiet about my disagreement.

I was gonna comment

on that also. Just because we are (myself included) quick to criticize the Cubs performance thus far, doesn't mean we should endure more from others. And yes, I am one of the people who LOVE the Cubs with all my heart, no doubt. But I would like to see MORE than just a good season. I've seen two of them in a row now and I don't like the ending. Granted it is April and it is, as many say, a "small sample size". And I guess it is important to start the season off on the right foot, but look at Florida. 11-1 and now are struggling. But that is Florida, who cares about them. I want to see the Cubs succeed in the WORST way possible and seeing them like this makes me aggravated, as I am sure the team is also. So, long story short, I guess I can ease up on them until the All-Star break, but after that, results results results.

PS. Anyone think the Cubs not making the All-Star team (as many as we had last year) is a good or bad thing, with the rest they would get, help or hurt. Guess that is something for later in the year.

Yeah, I think it's fair to

Yeah, I think it's fair to say that we very badly want the Cubs to win and win with authority. Thing is, they have PLENTY of time to do that.

More than anything I feel annoyance - I'm annoyed at the Cubs for struggling and I'm annoyed at the fans who say such intelligent things as "Lee is done," or "this wouldn't be happening if DeRosa was a Cub." Both are ridiculous statements.

Honestly, we don't know about Lee but at 33 he really shouldn't have an extreme, sudden drop-off. These Tribune articles from the spring asking "Is Lee's age a concern?" were ridiculous emotion churners. And at this point we've seen ZERO evidence that DeRosa will a) perform well this year or b) outperform Fontenot

Anyway, I think what I said yesterday really summarizes it ... it seems like people are already quitting on the team and the season. If the team quit as easily as the fans do, we'd be PISSED

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