Goatriders of the Apocalypse

GameCast: April 25th Cubs vs. Cardinals

The Cubs offense slumbers their way along.  Maybe today's the day they light a fire.  But probably not.  The Cardinals, meanwhile, are off to the start that we'd dreamed the Cubs would have. 

Lou Piniella continues his experiment with yesterday's lineup.  There's only one discouraging problem - the cleanup and protection hitters are batting .206 and .208 respectively.

Who's Hot
Not really anybody.  Reed Johnson, I guess, who went 2 for 4 yesterday.  The Fonz's sole hit yesterday was a double.  And, hey, Fontenot drove in a run!  Woo-hoo!

Who's Not
See above.


The Cubs are facing a young pitcher who hasn't had a whole lot of experience.  I'm wondering if/when Lou will try to light a fire under his team.  You can bet that if the offense remains lackluster, if big opportunities are squandered, if the Cardinals thrash the Cubs today, then ... dare I say it?  It's gonna hai.

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