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Game Recap: Cubs 7, Reds 2, Dusty's brain is clogged by all the Cubs walks

Cubs win!

A game without surprises is surprisingly a rare event. And yet the Cubs had one of those last night as they predictably throttled the Reds.

Rich Harden - not surprisingly - pitched 6 innings of 3-hit ball, walking 2, striking out 8, and allowing 2 earned runs on 92 pitches. When the Cubs turned to their bullpen, they weren't surprised to see solid efforts from Aaron Heilman, Carlos Marmol, and even Luis Vizcaino (who has yet to allow an earned run to score on his watch) while Neal Cotts predictably crapped his pants giving up a hit and walk in under an inning pitched. (Again, I think Lou should have hung him out to get beaten on or to escape. The Cubs had a 5 run lead when Cotts entered the game, they could have afforded him to squander or overcome.)

Offensively the Cubs predictably got a hit and walk from leadoff man Alfonso Soriano, 2 walks from Kosuke Fukudome, and 7 walks from the team in total. In the 6th when the Reds walked Derrek Lee to clog - erm, load the bases - I can only imagine how bewildered Dusty must have felt when the Cubs exploited the opportunity with an Aramis Ramirez 2-run single. Dusty probably threw his hat to the dugout floor and stomped on it saying "THAT'S NOT HOW IT'S SUPPOSED TO HAPPEN, DUDES! THE BASES WERE CLOGGED!"

Dusty is a bastard.

All told, Aramis went 3 for 5 with 3 RBI. Micah Hoffpauir hit an early homerun and was then pinch-hit for by Reed Johnson late in the game in a run-scoring opportunity. (I know, you were all very upset about that, but maybe Micah just isn't a clutch hitter, eh?) Mike Fontenot and Derrek Lee unsurprisingly had 0-fer nights. Ryan Theriot predictably collected 2 more hits. It was really a good night for the Cubs with no surprises and lots of win.

Tonight it's another late start and the Cubs play to win the series. The question is whether or not Ted Lilly can figure out how the Reds figured him out last year. I'm thinking he'll crush them, figuratively speaking.

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Marmol? WTF

WTF, Sweet Uncle Lou? You used Marmol when you were up by 5, in the 7th with two runners on? The tying run wasn't even on deck. Save Marmol's innings when you need, not against the reds when up big late. Make Cotts work his way out of in, or blow up his ERA.

Didn't watch

But from the comments I have read, yeah why did that happen? Sweet Lou's head must have been somewhere in (the alleged) Dusty Baker's parka.

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