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Series Recap: Rockies 5, Cubs 2

In a 162 game season, all sorts of crazy crap will happen.  Aaron Miles will hit a game winning homerun before it's all said and done.  Carlos Marmol will resemble a drunken Bob Howry sometime before it's all said and done. 

To the point.  Jason Marquis will win games against the best offense in the National League.  Fact is he just did.  And Rich Harden will have games in which he looks like re-fried shiz.  On a day when the offense is clicking, it's no big deal.  But the Cubs could only manage 2 runs off of 7 hits and 3 walks, and Harden looked uglier than Tori Spelling after a long day without makeup.

Actually I'm being harsh on Harden.  After all, the man managed to make 9 outs today, and 8 of them came from strikeouts.  Think about that ratio!  Hell, the only out not made by strikeouts happened when Chris Ianetta was gunned down at third.  But between all the missed swings and the 8 fouled-off pitches by Garrett Atkins in the 2nd ('twas a 14 pitch at bat), Harden gave up 5 hits and walked 4 and he was chased before the start of the 4th due to having thrown 92 pitches.

However the Rockies' offensive surge abruptly ended after they drove Lou Piniella to turn to his incredibly shaky bullpen.  Somewhere between the lines of that last sentence is a hell of a lot of sarcasm, by the way.  Dave "Commander" Patton, Luis "Pops" Vizcaino, Not a LOOGY Cotts, and Angel Guzman threw 6 innings, allowed only 1 run between them, and struck out 6 batters.

Offensively, Derrek Lee finally came alive with a 3 for 4 day (including a 9th inning solo homerun), Reed Johnson got 2 hits in 4 at bats, and Micah Hoffpauir hit an RBI double in a pinch hit at bat.  Otherwise it was pretty much a snooze fest.  Oh well - maybe the Cubs are just gearing up for the matchup with the Cardinals starting tomorrow.

Series Recap
They say that a tie is like kissing your sister, and apparently in the Star Wars universe Luke Skywalker was all about ties.  "Hey Emperor," he was known to shout, "let's just call it a draw!  Where's my sister?" 

Sorry, got distracted.  The Cubs split their home opener with the Rockies.  Surely this is one for the books, and based on the high demand and excitement of a home opener with Colorado, the Rockies will probably be the preferred opening team of the Cubs from now on.  (Again with the sarcasm between the lines.)

On the bright side, Derrek Lee is narrowing in on batting his weight.  Negatively, Rich Harden apparently hasn't learned that after the fourth consecutive foul ball, you should just walk that asshole.  And sadly, Jason Marquis won.  It's walk of shame time in the North Side.

Current Record: 5-3
Position in the NL Central: 1 game behind St. Louis for the lead
Best Possible Record: 159-3
Worst Possible Record: 5-157
On Pace For: 101-61

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