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The Cut Kevin Gregg thread

Or: The Relax Guy(s) Thread

You may have heard that Kevin Gregg blew a save last night.  You may also be aware that Lou Piniella manages a bullpen the way a clown would juggle chainsaws.  But what's clear after the first 4 games of the season is that Cub fans remain just as over-reactionary as ever.  Some fun quotes from yesterday's fiasco:

That Ending was a joke.  Im not impressed with Gregg and am less impressed now.
letsgotheriot: I really don't know if I'll be comfortable with Gregg

At least lgt isn't giving up on Gregg, he's just voicing the same concern we all feel whenever a Cub tanks.  But I just have to ask ... can we please withold judgment for a while?  Please?

Carlos Zambrano had a great opening day.  Does that mean he'll have a fantastic '09?  No.

Rich Harden went 6 strong and struck out 10.  Does that mean he's healthy enough to pitch reliably?  No!

Derrek Lee has struggled to get into a groove.  Does that mean he should be benched for Micah Hoffpauir?  Hell no!

Lou Piniella has played bullpen roulette during every close game of this early season.  Does that mean he can't manage a bullpen?  ...well...

Anyway, the point is that we are way, way too anxious for results.  Even I - who predicted last week that Gregg will eventually lose the gig to Marmol - think that it's way too early.  In a long season, the best closer will blow close games.  The best hitter will have long, painful slumps.  The best manager will make WTF! decisions. 

Perhaps it's just inflated a little because it's the beginning of the season and we're putting everybody under an intense microscope.  But I say again.  Relax, guy(s).

I like Marmol in the setup

I like Marmol in the setup spot more than as closer, but the we've lost two games in walk-off fashion now due to Gregg not being able to record outs when we really need him to. In a three-run game, sure, I'd feel comfortable with most anyone who isn't LaTroy Hawkins or Brooks Kieschnick, (remember him?!) but with a one run lead I just trust Marmol's superior stuff a lot more.

Plus, I got a Marmol jersey for Christmas, so, you know.

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