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Game Recap: Cubs 6, Brewers 5

Game Recap
Yesterday we saw more of the same: the hitters who've been hitting kept on hitting, the hitless stayed mystified, and the reliever's sucked.  And yet, through all of this, the Cubs won yet again (I say "yet again" as it they haven't won slightly more than half of their games).

So tell me kids, what do we make of the new Kosuke?  I mean, he started pretty damn hot last year too and we saw what happened there.  So is he simply prone to having the inevitable hot streak at the start of the season, or did he really just wear down at the end of the season, as indicated by Uncle Lou and the rest of the staff?  Obviously I don't know the answer, but he has been showing great power so far this year, with his second homer and third double of the season.  That puts him on pace for a 65 homer season with 97 doubles, which would be the best power shown by a Japanese import since Hideki Matsui.

Other notable performances included the first three walks of the season for Little Mike Fontenot, another two hit game for Impressively Dim Ryan Theriot, and a dramatic, ninth inning homer by Supremely Clutch Alfonso Soriano.  In fact, it was all pretty good, if the Cubs didn't have to try to get outs beyond the sixth inning.  It was yet another revolving door of relievers as the Cubs tried to bridge the gap between Carlos and Carlos, with Guzman and Cotts walking the ballpark before Heilmann shut the door.  

I'll always remember where I was when Lou's head exploded and Larry Rothschild had to go out and make the pitching change.

But, in the end, the Cubs rallied and Marmol shut the door.  And with that, the Cubs are in position to take their second series in so many tries which, if you think about it, is pretty damn impressive.  Playing .666 baseball on the road will get you pretty far.

One more game for the Cubs today before they get to go home.

Go Cubs.

One more note, this from Kurt

Both D.Lee and Milton Bradley had 0-fers last night.  That drops their averages down to .091 and .062 respectively. 

Carlos Zambrano threw 118 pitches in 6 innings.  That's a high pitch count for the month of August, not to mention the second start of April.

Lou Piniella needs to take a crash course on bullpen management.  That is all.

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Have faith

I think that by keeping Reed Johnson around a lot of the pressure will be taken off Fooky to perform every night. And i think the relieved pressure as well as relieved playing time keeping him fresh will lead to him hitting something like .280 or so...but I don't see the homers getting much over 15.

Also, was anyone else confused when hoffpaur pinch hit for zambrano?

A little

Big Z and Hoff are pretty much the same hitter right? So why not let Z hit for himself. I think he would have at least put the ball in play. Another thing, get used to seeing the Hoff walk back to the dugout after a pinch hit attempt. There is a reason why he spent so long in the minors. Overrated.

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